E3 - Gamers Paradise

 E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Ultimate Paradise for every Gamer. And its happening now, June 7 to 9,2011, the whole Internet has been buzzing E3. With around 50 games announced, it has certainly startled me to get hold of the future of gaming, and Ive realised my Laptop is soon going to have a place in a museum!
 There are a few Gadgets that have caught my eye on the E3, and I bet most of them know what I'm going to say. Yes, the Playstation Vita and Wii U. Those are my choice for the best on E3, and ofcourse Apple was as interesting as it could be. Apple announced the iOS 5[Surprisingly already Jailbroken], Mac OS X Lion[with reportedly tons of new features] and the iCloud services.
 Playstation Vita, previously known as NGP, was a huge advancement from the PSP. With Dual touch layers[front and back] this certainly raises the gaming experience.

Playstation Vita has added upon Mobile connectivity, with 3G/Wifi model available, its certainly launched as a threat to the Apple iTouch. Here is a video which reveals the joy of playing on the Vita -

 The next big thing, ofcourse the Wii U. Now this came as a surprise to me, never thought there would be a totally new console coming up. Here are a few screenshots taken from engadget.com

And here is a video to show how it works

 And then comes Apple, David King has come up with a post on Apple at WWDC[Worldwide Developers Conference]-  Best of Apple's WWDC
And let me highlight you the videos of iOS 5, with apparently 200 new features, and the new Mac OS X Lion which featured the E3. Watch it below.

And for the list of countless games announced with trailers and screenshots, check in here - games.ign.com

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