Day prior to Joining @TCS

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 And finally those days have come, the time when my life in going to take a turn to a Professional career. And I did not want anything to go wrong, and with God's grace, nothing has gone wrong yet. So after making sure I have every document as per required by TCS(via Annexure and the Welcome Mail), I set of the journey to Trivandrum from Ernakulam. Took a sleeper ticket with my friends Vineeth and Atul M, and set off the journey.
 Took long, but anxious 5 hours to make it to Trivandrum. And then we set foot at the Trivandrum Central Station[TVC], an overwhelming crowded station, but the nice weather came as a positive for us. We took a ticket from the Prepaid Taxi centre and started our search for Safire Lodge, Aristo Junction. The Lodge, eventhough does not look Hi-Fi, has fair enough facilities and is Clean(which is important!). Have close to 50 students at this lodge, with most of my friends at college together. We can chose our room mate, you need to have food from hotels[which apparently is not cheap], you have laundry service over here, and a Big Bazaar 15 minutes away. For Entertainment, 5 Cinemas around this place, Kovalam beach around 10kms away. The only thing hindering was that TCS campus was 18 kms away, close to 45 minutes travel. You have a bus to pick you up and drive you back, but make sure you don't miss it!
 We had anxious minds all over the Lodge on the eve of Joining, aspirations, tensions, fears, anxiety, everything mixed onto us. And with a great day ahead, we signed off the day with high spirits.
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