Cant talk, cant Hold, cant Walk - Cerebral Palsy the Villain, but open gates to IIM

Happiness beyond measures-Sumanth(Third from Left)
 A mistake by the Doctor, denying enough oxygen to the baby, resulting in brain damage and Cerebral Palsy. It took 5 long years for Sumanth to take a few steps on his own, his neighbors and relatives felt sorry for him then. But 27 years later, each one of them would be proud to know Sumanth has got a admission in the most prestigious institutions in India, IIM- Indore.
  "His speech and legs were worst hit. We had admitted him to the Spastic Society of India, a rehabilitation centre for the mentally and physically challenged, when he was two-and-a-half years old. He received an excellent treatment from the school headed by Rukmini Krishnaswamy. He could barely manage to walk till he turned five," said Vasuki KS, the proud father.

  His life was no bed of roses, he had to fight through it. He completed his B.Com with a First Class, and that was when he wrote CAT for the first time. But he could not get through, and this never meant he would not try again. With the help of NGO and Empower India, Sumanth got a Job in Thomas Reuters. And since then, he has been aspiring for an IIM. Second time through, he got a good score, and couldve got through many Top Business Schools. But his handicap made it impossible to get an admission, he knew IIM could give him the life he deserved.
  And he did give his heart and soul for his third try, and it did not go in vain. IIM- Indore gave him a call, he had to compete with 161 students for 14 seats under the Persons with Disability(PWD) category. Sumanth has his bags packed and eyes full of dreams and aspirations as he is all set to make IIM Indore his abode for the next two years. When asked if he had to convey something to his fellow differently-abled people, he said, 'Hope never abandons you. Don't just sit back thinking you can't do anything. At least have enough courage to go out there and give it a shot'

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