Airtel Tops in the Number of Consumer Complaints registered in NCH

 I had used Airtel for a while, and was happy with the service. The only defect it had was when it combined with BSNL, as for some reason BSNL SMS's never get delivered to Airtel. It was a black mark, and now National Consumer Helpline(NCH) reveals stats in which Airtel unfortunately leads. According to the reports, 2001 complaint calls were received against Bharti Airtel between March 2010 and February 2011.
 However Airtel responds to this situation well, putting forth a point on their huge customer base
  "Every customer complaint is important to us and we do address each of these at a customer and systemic level. However, it needs to be understood that the number of complaints referred here are a mere 0.00126 per cent of our active customer base,"
 NCH data can be summarized as follows

Bharti Airtel                           - 2,001 Complaints
BSNL                                   - 1,986 Complaints
Indian Oil                              - 1,940 Complaints
Reliance Communications      - 1,792 Complaints
Nokia India                           - 1,616 Complaints
Samsung India                       - 1,560 Complaints
SBI                                       - 912 Complaints
BPCL                                   - 872 Complaints
LIC                                       - 626 Complaints
ICICI Bank                           - 569 Complaints.
  "This list shows these companies have not been able to handle the issues being faced by their customers, which forces the customers to seek our guidance," NCH''s Principal Investigator Sri Ram Khanna told PTI. It also sheds light on the management practices, especially customer redressal process of these companies, he added. .

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