Absolutely! - A new term of Hospitality

 Doh! What's new about that? Well, it struck me for the first time that the word "Absolutely" can make you feel lot better, so gave a thought on it! On what context? I realised that you could use Absolutely instead of saying Ofcourse or why not? can be really effective. Thanks to Spice Jet hostess for giving me a chance to know the effectiveness.
 On 13 June 2011, I was making my trip back to Kochi from Mumbai. My sis booked a Flight ticket for me as I did not have the time to spend 24 hours on train. So got on board to Spice Jet, had a Steward[Just Googled for the Male version of Air Hostess and found this word] and 3 Air Hostess. Usually the Air Hostess have a pleasant face(compared to a Steward), but I should say this particular Steward(Sorry to not note the name) had an exceptionally pleasant face. The 3 Air Hostess had over made faces, and kind of artificial expressions.
  So being jobless for a whole 90 minutes, I was observing what these people learn from those hi-fi courses and stuff we see on Television. And I realised its all about Hospitality. The crew of Spice Jet were serving Snacks[Costly!] as a pair of two. This guy and lady had the duty of serving to the seats in the front, so my eyes got glued on the character. The Steward gave a overwhelmingly pleasant smile to everyone, so good that even when he said some excuse or apologized, we had to accept it whole heartedly. I wonder how he was in his college days, definitely not like this!
 So then I came across the expression I liked the most, and which of course tempted me to make a Blog Post. An elderly lady, 2 rows to my front,  asked this guy for some extra coffee. This Steward, gave his "™ "smile along with a Thumps Up gesture, and said Absolutely. Gosh! I never knew that particular word could be used so effectively on such a situation. Eventhough the Steward arrived late with the coffee, the old lady was content with him - just because of Absolutely!

 Hoping I can use this expression plus the magic word someday in my life, I thank the Steward for giving me this thought. And let me know if I'm making any sense - Leave a comment.

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