Why dirty Politics?

  In India, look around, everywhere you would find corrupt systems. Whether its the Society, the authorities, Ministries, you mention it. And we have been following this system for ages. Why is there not a change? I was never into Politics, and I swear I'l never been into politics, for me its just a Dirty game. It's not going to change however you try to convince me.
  I've had very less experiences with Politics, I'd like to quote on the one I had in my College life. Again, this is what information I had, what I came to know. Chances might be there that what I think is not the truth, but for the moment this is what the majority of students in our campus believe. I think it was during my 5th Sem, it was the eve of internal examinations and I went in the morning to College all prepared to give the exam. But on reaching college I came to know that Swine Flu was spreading over in our B.Tech Hostel. So students were calling upon a strike for immediate measures to control the Flu. But the Teachers and Staff believed it was just another reason for students to bunk the exams, and they stood stern that Exam would be happening. For some reason, the political parties that were supposed to stay with the students, worked against us in that situation. I do not want to quote why it happened, and what all had happened. My friends have experienced the wrath, I'd like them to comment on their experiences on this situation.

  I've not given a detailed description on what happened, just because I know it might hurt a few feelings. Why should someone who does not care about topic, hurt them? Something else inspired me to write this post today. Another question - Why Elections? I understand it's a way to note that our country is Democratic. But is the system working on the right path? Governments provide lots of facilities and Salary hikes when its Election season, and once it is over, they don't just care(Atleast most of them). This might be ridiculous, but seriously, an election every month would shoot our economy and society to unimaginable horizons! I'l put a straight clear example over here, I live in quite a remote area of Kerala, at Kanhangad(Kasargod Dist.)(Yes infamous for Endosulfan). The Current supply over here was pretty stable till the elections happened. But now, you'll have a 5 minute outage every hour atleast, and no one bothers. Why? If it was before election, it wouldve been fixed in a moment.
  Who to blame? The Govt. ? The Judiciary? Or the people? I pride upon people who try to bring out a change in this system. But I feel sorry for them too, they are being deprived of resources, deprived of support and buried alive. I feel proud to have such a personality as my friend too - Mazin Ismail, who has reacted wherever he has seen injustice. But feel sorry for him for the troubles he has had. I believe that if every citizen react, justice can be done. But will they? That's a big NO. Including me, the thought would be the same - "Why bother?"

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