Watch the Osama Shoot down video Osama Dead - Facebook Spam

 Yes, the Osama Virus doing more widespread spamming than Real Osama!
 I receive atleast 10 spam messages daily giving the luxury of watching the Death of Osama Bin Laden. Why am I given the privilege? I guess the only Humans who had access to those videos and pictures are the people inside White house(If those videos ever exist). The widespreading image of a sick Osama has already been proved Fake, but how many do know this? I guess less than 50% people would be aware of this fact.
  FBI has now come up with a strong warning to every Facebook user, asking computer users to exercise caution, the FBI said people should not open unsolicited spam emails that claim to show photos or download software to view videos of bin Laden's death, even if the messages are from people they know as these applications can infect computers and could be viruses programmed to steal personally identifiable information.
  The FBI said in a statement -
 "content could be a virus that could damage your computer. This malicious software or malware can embed itself in computers and spread to users' contact lists, thereby infecting the systems of associates, friends, and family members"
  Some links on Facebook claim that "exclusive footage" that will "leave you speechless" has been leaked by "Wikileaks" and organisations like "CNN", playing on users curiosity to see the world's most wanted terrorist in his last moments.
  Once a user clicks on the link, it is automatically pasted on the walls of all his contacts. The FBI further asked computer owners to ensure they have up-to-date antivirus software to detect and deflect malicious software, and to keep an eye for fraudulent messages that often feature misspellings, poor grammar and nonstandard English. The spam message goes like this -
"Watch the Osama Shoot down video Osama Dead - Censored Video Leaked Osama is dead, watch this exclusive CNN video which was censored by Obama Administration due to level of violence, a must watch. Leaked by Wikileaks" Along with the Fake picture
 McAfee also comments on the situation-
   Internet security firm McAfee has pointed out that with the news of bin Laden being dead, spam e-mails with videos disapproving of his possible killing are doing the rounds in cyberspace. These e-mails lure users into clicking the link, which are then directed to a site that downloads a small file onto your system. This file, detected currently as either “Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.EPO.F” or “Artemis!7C4314D9690D” is a Trojan (programme used to hack an Internet account) that does nothing but steal data."
“McAfee has also seen links and scams that lead to FakeAV, RBot and ZBot binaries…such spam mails carry the following subject lines – ‘See video in which Osama bin Laden is shown holding a newspaper with today's date'; ‘OSAMA-BIN-Laden-aparece-segurando-jornal-com-a-data-de-hoje-obama-se-passa-por-mentiroso.exe', ‘fotos-do-osama-morto.exe', ‘pictures-of-osama-dead.exe',” it said.
  Osama spam is just one of the many spam spreading currently on Facebook. Recently there has been a huge uprise of spam spreading through Facebook Chat and Facebook Events. People need to understand there is no way you can find “you total facebook profile views” or “who viewed your Profile” for NOW(Zuckerberg wouldve noted this feature and might even be the next big thing after 'Relationship status'). 
  And to just put forward a point on how bad this spam is spreading, my friend Noufel, had made a post on his blog, which got around 50k hits a single night! This is serious guys, spread the word, and lets kill the Virtual Osama.

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