[Video] What happens if Zuckerberg is a CIA Agent Collecting all our Information via FB?

 Julian Assange had commented Facebook as a Spy Machine, and here is a thoughtful Humor video created by The Onion. The video Quotes Zuckerberg as the "Overlord" and Director of Facebook CIA Program. It also gimmicks Farmville and several other popular features. The video has Humorously incorporated comic thoughts of how useful Facebook can be, and how Dangerous Facebook can be with Al-Qaeda using Facebook for locations to Bomb.
 When all these have been presented with Humor, it sure puts a million thoughts into each Facebook User. I mean, all the Features mentioned in there are to an extent Practical and Efficient as well! It would cut down the Expense of CIA to collect information Drastically(Seriously!).
 So is Zuckerberg the Hero or the Villain? Share your thoughts!

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