Teenage - The Everything I Do is Right Age

  "Why Not?""Why me?""I know!""Don't Teach me""I'm Grown Up now!""I'm no more a Kid!"
Why, Why, Why! Sounds familiar? Yeah, you are in your Teenage, and as I titled it above, its an age you Believe strongly that everything you do is Right. Well is it? I should say 95% its wrong! Did I hear a moan(For Teens)? And did I hear a Applause(For Adults)? Yeah, heard them both, as there is a popular explanation from Psychology - A Teen will never understand the thoughts of an Adult, and an Adult will never understand the thoughts of a Teen.
  But why the latter? Adults have come through Teenage, then why do they behave to teens so Rude? Probably because they've lived through it, and care for you. But there are moments that I wish people Understood me better, and realised that I was no more a Kid.

  And to get to the other side, things you do in Teenage, are probably Stupid. You'll have a laugh on those later in your life. You think what you do is Right, when it might be totally idiotic. But you'll never accept that. And there is another huge Teen Phenomena, Love and Heartbreaks. Sadly I wish Teens had the Mental capability to realise that its just an Infatuation, and not True Love. But for them, its the Only thing in world to live for! Can't blame them, they are Teenagers!
  Ive always said Teenage is the most vulnerable age, an age parents and adults should take extreme care of, or else it can effect the budding personality. Its easy to fall into pits when you are a Teen, Drugs, Sex, Fights. If not properly monitored and handled by a Guardian, a life gets ruptured. So I say, its the responsibility of the adult to handle their Children properly in this age, instead of blaming them. Blaming will only add fury to their boiling blood.
  I'm a 21 Years old now, cant call it a Teen, neither an Adult. I'd love to hear what Teenagers, and Adults would like to say on this. 

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