Sony being hacked Over and Over again, will it ever End?

 I'm wondering if in the Future a fairy tale would be popular in the Techworld, on how Anonymous destroyed Tech Giants Sony. And I bet the morale would be, Leave the Beast alone! Yes, Sony put a thorn in the hearts of Hackers by destroying the Social profile of a couple of hackers. And thus Anonymous was born, beginning from the PSN breach, which took a whole month to recover, now Sony is facing further problems in other domains.
  Sony recently reported a loss of $3.2 Billion, which would tamper the company reputations. The Japan quake followed by the Hack attacks have ripped over Sony again and again. After the recovery from the PSN breach, Sony BMG Greece was attacked, and personal details of users flying all over the internet. And now, Sony Ericsson's Canadian online store has been hacked and 2000 Customers info again out.

  So how do you conclude? Let the Hackers do what they want to do and never bother them? I guess Sony would be regretting the woe taken to strip down the Hackers. Should every firm believe in it, and continue doing what they do the best? Comments Please!

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