Saudi woman arrested after defying driving ban

 Saudi Women are not allowed to drive, and if they do? They get arrested. Manal al-Sharif, was arrested recently for promoting the Women2Drive campaign. The Women2Drive campaign announces a mass Driveaway by women on June 17. Manal al-Sharif uploaded a Video in Youtube, which has already Half a Million Views, in which she drives chatting with another Woman on explaining the importance of Women being allowed to drive.
  Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world which bars women from driving. Although no law forbids it, women are denied driving licences, effectively rendering it illegal. Instead, they must rely on hired drivers, taxis, or male relatives to drive them. Debate on the driving issue is vibrant, and Saudi women have mounted campaigns to put pressure on the government. Officials have signalled previously that the ban may be lifted, vague pledges that are never followed through.
  Religious conservatives say female drivers would inevitably result in an erosion of moral values. But Ms Sharif ridicules such opposition, saying that she is much more vulnerable alone on a street than she would be if she had her own car to drive.

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