Reserved Seat Brawl takes its Peak on Internet

  With the advent of Internet, Opinions and Quarrels become Global. And such an incident happened recently in Singapore. The incident was kind of silly, a Young man did not give up his seat for a 63 Year old Jason Wang. But this Old man never stood mum, he posted this on Facebook along with the Pictures of the Young guy, and complained to his Employer - HSBC(From the Tag on the Young Man). The Debate over the incident has raged online with the thread on local forum having more than 800 comments as of Thursday afternoon.
  This is what happened, Wang said he boarded the train at Tanah Merah station at 7:35am and saw that the reserved seat was taken by a young man who looked to be sleeping. He woke Liang and asked for the seat.
The young man then asked for his age, to which Wang shot back,
"Definitely much older than you." To his surprise, Liang went back to sleep.
"'I'm not really frail-looking, but I'm overweight. That's why my knees are bad. I even had knee braces on and was using an umbrella as a crutch," admitted Wang.

Liang took to the forums yesterday evening to clear his name. He claimed that he was "on drowsy medication" when he was awakened by somebody tapping his foot with an umbrella. He was also commuting with half his vision as one of his contact lenses had fallen out before his encounter with Wang, and "couldn't guess his (Wang's) age at all."
Wang's sarcastic reply to his question left Liang bitter, hence he decided not to give up the seat. However, at the end of his post, Liang apologised for being "socially irresponsible." "I am very sorry, Mr. Jason Wang, for your extended sufferings due to standing with your bad knees while I was in the reserved seat."
 Just wondering if such a situation would happen in India, would it have any effect? Infact I believe this happens everyday over here, but seldom put to light. Share your thoughts here.

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