Man Vs. Machine - Rubik's Cube

 Rubik's Cube has always fascinated me, and with some awesome videos on Youtube, Men start to look like superhumans to me. Seriously, Ive never succeeded in solving a cube, it looks like next to impossible for me to do it! And now, as usual its the turn of Humans, to build machines, who are more efficient than us. So who wins the Battle for Rubik's Cube?
Er... Still wondering what a Rubik's Cube is? Sorry! Its the Cube shown in the Picture to the right. Now how's that a challenge? Well, you'll get a better idea on watching the videos below, to give a general instruction, as you see now all the cubes on the faces are different colored, your aim is to make each face have the same color! Watch how the Machine does it below followed by the our Representative - Feliks Zemdegs, a 16-year-old Australian(He is Good!)

Ahh!10.69 seconds, can our own Feliks beat this record? Watch the video below, and lets see who wins the Battle!
Yesss! We Win :D , Machines yet have a long way to go to make a win on Humans!
Final Result
  •  Machine - 10.69 Seconds
  • Human    -  6.24 Seconds!
Proud to be a Human!

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