Love - Pros and Cons

Let me get straight to the point -
  • You get a life.
  • You get someone that cares for you.
  • You think more about your future.
  • You care about your future.
  • Your life becomes more disciplined.
  • You get ready to live.
  • You learn to live.
  • You learn to care.
  • You learn to plan.
  • You learn to take up pressure.
  • You'll have a pair of ears that'll always listen.
  • You start saving.
  • You learn emotions.
  • You learn to be Responsible.
  • You get to feel every emotion of Life.
  • You get sleepless nights.
  • You get excitement of your life.
  • You learn to go Up and Down the hill.
  • You learn the importance of Caring and Loving.
  • You listen to songs in depth.
  • Your life is beautiful.
  • You be Complete

  • You get Over Protective.
  • You get Over Possessive.
  • You care less for your friends.
  • You get isolated for your partner.
  • You have to sacrifice your likes
  • You have to love what you hate.
  • You have to over think the future.
  • You have lots of responsibilities.
  • You have to convince your parents and society.
  • You have to sneak out till you marry.
  • You have to find extra pocket money.
  • You have to learn to handle emotions.
  • You have to learn to live.
  • You have to learn to cool down.
  • You have to learn to control your anger.
  • You have to learn to cool your partner.
  • You can't blast life with your friends.
  • You can't have Teen fantasies.
  • You cant' lie.
Feel free to add, I'l be adding to this list forever. And if you ask me - I have only Pros, the Pros blow away the cons into bits!

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