Login to Facebook via Iris Scanner!

 Movies setup a trend, and reality follows it. Tons have movies have iconic moments with an Eye scanner, and it is soon to be a reality too. And this technology gets even better! You can Lock your PC using the Iris scanner, and even better - you login to Facebook, Paypal or even your mail service using this cool piece of Technology.A New York-based biometric security company is set to market an iris scanner that would connect to a personal computer the next few months. Hoyos Group unveiled their new security product, dubbed the EyeLock, at the Finovate financial technology conference, amid claims that it is the first and only portable iris-scanning device for consumers.

  Sweet technology right? Tracy Hoyos, Hoyos Group's assistant marketing director said to Daily Mail "Every time you log in, it reads your iris and creates a unique key, which is a series of numbers, and this key changes every time you log in, so no one can hack it," EyeLock will cost 99 dollars (60 pounds), but no release date has yet been announced.
 But I'm wondering how this would effect or change the mentality of hackers. They will have to switch from cracking codes to cracking eyeballs to Login. Does this promise a more Secure Future?

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