Julian Assange: Facebook Is a Spy Machine

  Julian Assange has made a strong comment against Facebook, he claims Facebook as “most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented”. Explaining in details, he comments
   "Here we have the world’s most comprehensive database about people, their relationships, their names, their addresses, their locations, their communications with each other, and their relatives, all sitting within the United States, all accessible to US Intelligence.”
  He also added Google, Yahoo and other major US organisations are providing an 'interface' to the US intelligence.
  "It’s not a matter of serving a subpoena, they have an interface they have developed for US Intelligence to use. Now, is the case that Facebook is run by US Intelligence? No, it’s not like that. It’s simply that US Intelligence is able to bring to bear legal and political pressure to them.
It’s costly for them to hand out individual records, one by one, so they have automated the process."
  The Wikileaks founder then warns Facebook users, stating that if a user adds their friend to Facebook, they are “doing free work for US Intelligence agencies, in building this electronic database for them”.
See the Full interview below.
Assange comments on Facebook around the Two minute mark

Would this make you give a second thought when you use Facebook the next time? Share your thoughts!

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