Jet Fuel cheaper than Petrol

 It's been only One year since I owned a bike, and the excitement seems to be dying with the ever shooting Petrol Prices. I still remember when I used to get a Litre for 50 Rs, and was happy with that. I also remember a time when it was available for around 40 Rs. But now it has shot upto Rs.67, and it never seems to come down as well. Ive seen a comic spreading before mentioning that Liquor is cheaper than petrol, but this is new, and is serious. Its cheaper to fill you Jet, than you fill your car.
  Yes, its the Truth, and its happening in India. According to Times of India - On Monday, the cost per litre of ATF in Delhi was Rs 58.8, while that of petrol was Rs 63.4. In Mumbai the gap between prices of aircraft and car fuel was wider than that of Delhi with ATF costing Rs 59.6 per litre while petrol stood at Rs 68.3 a litre. The Article on Times of India also stresses on the Point that Fuel Surcharges on the Ticket price has not come down, and this adds to the Airline Industry savings. However, this in not a point to talk at the moment.

  With Petrol prices rising, which is to be followed with Diesel and Cooking Gas, the overall Cost of Living would shoot up. Bus and Taxi owners would demand for a hike in Fares, and can we blame them? No, they cannot take up the burden of filling the Machines tank. On one hand, hopefully this would reduce the fuel consumption, adding to Green Environment, but then I read a news report that the Consumption is still increasing. Thoughts? Share it below!

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