Jayalalitha Creating huge Opportunities in IT Sector

 As Jayalalitha took oath as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Laptop Manufacturers and IT industry is looking up for a huge improvement in IT. The reason? Jayalalitha has offered a free Laptop to every student of Class XI and XII! That is huge! And the estimated budget would be around 350 Crore Rupees!
 How would this change the whole Tamil Nadu? I believe with the Arrival of a Laptop in every house, the literacy rate and the IT exposure would take a peak. Every student would be learning to use a Laptop, leading to a Next Gen society coming up in Tamil Nadu. With a Laptop at every house, we can soon see Wi-fi networks and other services trending in the streets of Chennai

  They point to DMK's handout of free colour TVs to voters in 2006. Although the move cost the state exchequer about Rs 4,000 crore, television ownership in the state shot up from 60% in 2006 to 86% in 2010, according to Chennai-based Hansa Research. Satellite TV penetration rose from 53% to 90% over the period.
"The laptop scheme, if implemented, will surely improve IT penetration and literacy in the state," says Sandeep Nair, president, Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology. "It will also go a long way in creating IT-literate talent."

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