Its I Love You, not i luv u

 I feel a huge contradiction in these two phrases - I Love You and i luv u. Love is something eternal, and pure. It should be represented as it is. I Love You is a phrase that gives Life to many hearts, the way it sounds, the way your partner says it, the way your emotions flow when you hear it. But the way you write also matters, Love is spelled as L-O-V-E for a reason, and whatever it is, I respect it.
  i luv u, sounds a lot fake to me. It's like the Infatuations and heart breaks we see a lot in the Modern Generation. And all this starts with your Teenage, its an age when you think whatever you do is Right, and feeling you have is Eternal. It's not always true, and I admit its True at rare occasions. Teenage Love is more like a Fantasy and Infatuation, it barely has a long life. But the Heart break it brings seems Humongous to every teen, and people often stray about their Lost Love.

  And I should say this Fantasy is a part of Love as well! Love comprises of everything - Friendship, Motherhood, Care, Affection, Lust, Infatuation and you'll come across hundreds of Synonyms. Reminds me of the English Professor Bhaskar Iyer, who would right down a minimum of 50 Synonyms for each word you say. And that's when the thought of synonyms for Love struck my mind too.
  Love is best said as Love, not luv.

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