Internet Style - Be the Star in no Time

 Internet is a very unpredictable world. Certain silly facts catch up and spread like a Wildfire with millions of views, certain Hard worked research never get attention. Its all about luck, and Stefanie Gordon made it to the Fame in no time without even realising it.

  Why? Because she tweeted a few images taken from her iPhone while in a Plane. And as usual, she dozed of for 4 hours. But only when she woke up she realised the Overwhelming response of the tweet, NASA, Weather Organisations and thousands had retweeted the Image and it was conquering the Internet! Want to have a look at the image? Here you go -
 This image marks the Historical Final Launch of the Endeavour Space shuttle.

"It’s awe inspiring. I would never expect to be that close,” Gordon said. “I didn’t grasp the magnitude until after the fact.
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