How Legitimate a Scam can look - National Lottery UK Scam

 How many times has your Email or Phone no. won a Luck Lottery? Mine has won Hundreds of times, and I'm happy Im not bothered about that! Spam messages have become an integral part of Your email junk nowadays. I should say my Gmail is less spammed than Yahoo(Eventhough Yahoo! boasts a lot of their Anti Spam technologies). Hope no one has taken those spam mails seriously, but something made me Notice such a message right now.
  Ive never got such Spam messages on my Mobile phone, but I got one today. I got this message today afternoon.
  BBC UK: DEAR LUCKY WINNER Congratulations!!! You have won 500,000 Pounds. Your Mobile No. was attached to Lottery No. (17)(30)(33)(34)(38)(48)Bonus Numbers (9) of draw No. 1605 in BBC NATIONAL LOTTER UK. Contact Mr.MAT BROWN on Email : Visit our web site on

 I was about to ignore this message as I normally do, but the Link they provided in the end caught my eye. It was, and I need not tell you how legitimate that site is. So I went to browse on the Link, and surprisingly all the other details of Lottery No 1605 were kind of true. This made me anxious, so Ive mailed the Contact available in that Site. I'l get back to you when I get a reply.
  I chose to contact the mail id found in the legitimate site rather than going for the easy option of mailing "Mat Brown", because I'm aware of the insecurities in Internet. But how would a common man react to this? They could easily fall into this trap. I remember one of my friend got a similar scam message which quoted a link "". He replied to those mails cautiously without revealing any personal details, and if you read those replies, you'll never feel its a scam. They even mailed him the exact Weight of the Package and when it would arrive to your place, even with a Tracking Number! But then they asked for some Taxes or some Costs and he dropped the challenge.
  This world is getting Fake, turn yourself to Reality

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