Guess who is the trending Celebrity for the Moment - Pippa Middleton

  On April 29, 2011 Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton tied a knot which marked the Wedding of the Century. The Wedding broke all sorts of records, with billions viewing it live on News channels and Youtube. The British Royalty was dignified at its best all over the world. But the buzz of the Wedding died soon, but there was something that never stopped buzzing. It was Pippa Middleton.
  Wondering how the Bride's Sister is breaking all sorts of records? Well, since the video footage of the Wedding was viewed by billion around the world, millions of eyes were glued onto an Angel dressed as elegant as it could be. This is the image that broke the Heart of millions of Men around the world
 Tweets on Pippa Middleton were all over, making a mess. Some admiring her beauty, and some admiring her body. I can't mention the vague Tweets found on Internet over here, try Google for it. However, this Buzz has gone up to the Extreme high recently.  The reason? Certain photos of a Private party attended by the Royal Family has leaked out to the Internet. Apparently Pippa Middleton and his brother James Middleton have appeared in these images with very less count of clothing. Surprising that even the news of Kate Middleton being pregnant(Not official, but can be found all over Internet) has not spread much.

 Apparently friends of Pippa and James sold snaps, which had various states of undress of the siblings, including new topless pics of Pippa taken while she was swimming. "The whole family is furious at what they see as a betrayal," a friend of the Middletons told the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper.
"[Those] images were withdrawn from the entire market," John Camarillo of Zuma Press confirmed to the Telegraph. "They were only on the market for a few days. They got too popular and that's why they were withdrawn." But the fact is Images once on Internet, lies forever in Internet. You can't just remove it.
That series of party photos, which were sold for “substantial” sums, were reportedly removed from the market after pressure was put on the Middleton family “friend” who took the snaps.
  A second set of shots taken while the Middletons were swimming off of a yacht during a family vacation in Ibiza were obtained by The Daily are also being targeted for removal by the Middleton family. In those, Pippa is photographed rinsing out the top of her bikini. Her sister Kate and Prince William were also on the yacht.In one photo, the Duchess of Cambridge’s near-nude brother-in-law had his hands down his boxers, in another, the cake-baker is completely naked—preserving his modesty by crossing his legs.
"James and Pippa are really embarrassed," a friend told the paper. "How were they supposed to know when these pictures were taken that they would be put under such scrutiny?"

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