Google to face $500M Fine for breaking Competition laws

 Google, the King of Internet is playing Dirty to get his things done. So believes the US Justice department, and if the Investigation turns out to be True, it would be a huge setback for the King. The quote All is Fair in War and Love should be written as All is Fair in War, Love and Internet. Such is the news that is coming out these days. Recently Facebook has admitted that it went out to certain firms to cook stories against Google's security. Facebook went out without second thought on this campaign and was caught red handed. Wondering how? Facebook was dumb enough to ask a Blogger to write against Google, but the Blogger turned down this offer, and made the news Public.

 Now what's happening with Google? An investigation is going on, to find if Google are manipulating the Search results, to give maximum priority to their services. On a second thought, Google is going to be fined, for ordering the search results of their own site! Ha, a thought to have a laugh, though this is how Influential Google is in the present world. Google's lucrative advertising network, which primarily delivers short text ads alongside search results and other web content, is the main way the company makes money.  In the first three months of this year alone, Google sold 8.3billion dollars in advertising. In its SEC report, Google said its management decided earlier this month to set aside 500 million dollars to cover a possible settlement.
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