Ever wondered how the Petrol Price sums up to Rs.67?

 I'm not sure if you all are aware, but the the actual base price of Petrol per litre is less than 50% of the Price we get. Yes, the rest are taxes imposed by State and Central Govt. Today, with the formation of a New Govt. in Kerala, the Excess Taxes has been reduced(Around Rs.1.22). This Excess Tax, is a Tax imposed on Tax. The Taxes put forth by the State Govt. only is around Rs.15. I could not get the exact split up of the taxes as per present scenario, but found this split up which was made way back in 2008.
  If the cost price of petrol per litre is Rs 58.90, following is the break up of cost calculated by the government.
  • Basic Price                             : Rs 28.93
  • Excise duty                             : Rs 14.35
  • Education Tax                        : Rs 0.43
  • Dealer commission                 : Rs 1.05
  • VAT                                      : Rs 5.5
  • Crude Oil Custom duty          : Rs 1.1
  • Petrol Custom                        : Rs 1.54
  • Transportation Charge            : Rs 6.00
  • Total price                              : Rs 58.90
Correct me if I am wrong on whatever I have presented here. And yes, there is Room for reducing the prices on Petrol considering the huge list of Taxes! Right or Wrong? Share your thoughts!

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