Ever wondered how Obama got the Live feed from the Assault?

Recognize this pic? It has been one of the centers of buzz since the raid of Osama. The picture depicts how President Obama and other Officials observe the assault on Osama, apparently Live. The photo caption which appears on Flickr says "receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House,"
 But ever wondered how Obama and his Security team was receiving a Live Update on the assault? Was it via satellite? NO. Here comes the role of latest technology and gadgets.
<-- This was how it was done, and how Obama had a realtime update of the situation at Abbottabad. The BBC has a short video detailing how such a camera system may have been used during the bin Laden raid as explained by Gerald Fairbairn, a security communications expert from a company in the UK called Indicomm:
"For soldiers wearing cameras on their helmets with a video link back to command center, from what we've seen in the past they have a small box that they'll probably drop down which will be able to receive live imagery from about five or six helmet cams. And that will be transmitted directly to the helicopter and, again, that would be transmitted up to a satellite which would then beam straight down to the White House."
Fairbairn adds, "This is very similar to your house Wi-Fi but this is a lot bigger and a lot more powerful."

  So in short, it was a cam on a Helm, which had a transmitting device, transmits the live feed to a Repeater situated possible on the Helicopter, and shot towards the satellite. The rest is easy! Watch the video of an illustration by BBC - here

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