Bing + Facebook = Google?

 Bing had integrated with Facebook to make a competition on Google, and they have come up with a bunch of new features. Can Bing even be close to Google in the World of Information? Does Facebook Likes decide the Page rank of a site? Well, Bing thinks so, here is a list of their newly added features.
  • Search result annotations: Bing now displays which search results your friends have liked. This is shown with annotations and small thumbnails under any link that your friends has liked.
  • Surfacing content from Likes: Your friends Likes on the particular search result will be displayed right below the Search. Bing says that this makes it easier to find the “good stuff” within core search.
  • Changes in search rankings: Facebook Likes now affect search rankings. An article that might have normally surfaced on the second or third page of search results may appear on the first page if friends have liked it.
  • Facebook Page integration: If a search result doesn’t have any likes from your friends, but that result has a presence on Facebook, its Facebook status updates may appear in search results.
  • Improvements to people search: Bing has prominently surfaced Facebook accounts in search results for individuals since October, but now Facebook accounts can appear in related searches. For example, if you search for Paris, Bing will show which of your friends actually lives there. While you may already know this information, it’s not something you think about every day, and it makes it easier to make the connect to actually message your friend about your France-related question.
  • More Facebook sharing options: Bing has added Facebook sharing options to its shopping, flights and travel search sections. You can now create and share shopping lists with your friends or post potential vacations to your wall. Bing says that 90% of people consult their friends or family before making a decision, so Bing wanted to make that process easier to accomplish.
  • Bing toolbar + Facebook: Bing has a new version of its toolbar starting tomorrow, and it will include a universal Facebook Like button. It gives you the ability to like any website or web page, regardless of whether or not it has added the Facebook Like button.
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