Before Rajinikanth, there was Chuck Norris

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 Rajinikanth is the Superstar of India. He is currently not in good health and undergoing treatment, hope he gets well soon. Coming back to the Superstar, how many Rajinikanth Jokes do you know? Don't tell me you haven't heard any if you are an Indian. Ive heard tons of them, here are a few in the Pic[Click to enlarge] These are the very few quoted ones, I get tons of them as SMS. But ever wondered how or who makes these Jokes? If your answer is a Die Hard Rajinikanth Fan with tons of Humor within him, you got it wrong. Before the Superstar Rajinikanth Jokes was born, there was a Chuck Norris era. And this Chuck Norris era is Global, unlike the Indian Superstar.
 So who is Chuck Norris?

 Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist and actor. As a result of his "tough guy" image, an Internet phenomenon began in 2005 known as Chuck Norris facts, ascribing various implausible or even impossible feats to Norris. I wasn aware of the existence of Chuck Norris, until Gibu introduced the Personality to me. He showed me the site, the Jokes in there were hilarious! And most of them too Familiar as well, and I had heard most of them with Chuck Norris replaced as Rajinikanth. Then I recently searched for his Image, and bingo - Chuck Norris was my All time Childhood superhero of Walker,Texas Ranger!
So make sure you read up a few Chuck Norris Facts and have a laugh! I hope he can even stop the Judgement Day :P 

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