Are Popular Logo's getting Flat? - Windows, Chrome and now Orkut

 Just logged into Orkut after really long, phew! Should say the entry of Facebook has completely destroyed Orkut. It was fun once, trying to make the most number of Scraps and adding up friends. But no more, Facebook gave no chance at all for its survival. In the meantime, I noticed that Orkut has changed its Logo. Its a More flatter one, which put a thought into me. Are the Logo's being Flat the next Trend? Well lets compare a few.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 : I remember my sister saying the Windows 7 interface looks primitive the first time she used it. Yes, the Task Bar went more Flat, which I believe made it more aesthetic. I noted the difference in Logo's too.
    Left - Vista, Right - Win 7
    Yes, the new Logo has gone Flat.
  • Chrome recently changed their Logo as well, many criticized the look of the new Logo, but I guess the Trend is repeating.
  • Again Flat.
  • And now, the latest addition, Orkut
    Old(Left) and New(Right)
    I don't think I need to mention the Change!
Only these 3 logos came upto my mind right now, but I'm sure there are plenty more. You find one? Share it below!

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