Another Facebook - Microsoft tie up, this time to fight child porn

 Not long ago I put up a question to Facebook regarding the number of 13 Year Olds in Facebook. And now Facebook has tied up with Microsoft with an exciting piece of Technology - PhotoDNA. This Technology is used by Bing to screen the images found on net, and now it will be used by Facebook to block Images involving Nudity and Porn, and also help in finding the Source of the Images. Facebook has come up with this positive Venture considering how massive the Community has become, and how much effect it has on Children.
 This is not the First time Microsoft and Facebook has shook hands, with an aim to conquer the Search world, Bing had introduced many features by integrating the search results with Facebook. The PhotoDNA Technology has a high rate of efficiency, says Hany Farid who has helped Microsoft on building PhotoDNA. "It has scanned over two billion images without a single false positive."

PhotoDNA will scan the hundreds of millions photos uploaded daily to Facebook, blocking pictures recognized as child porn and, hopefully, leading police to the sources. If caches of such imagery are seized, new pictures will be "fingerprinted" and made part of the PhotoDNA net, according to NCMEC chief executive Ernie Allen.
 PhotoDNA will be used for other purposes as well. It would look forth for Facebook uploads for picture of Children reported missing, since youth tend to stay connected with friends at Facebook even after dodging Family(According to Police)
 Let's wait and see how good this works, and I really hope Facebook comes up with something to Block Spam as well!

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