Amazon Servers the Villain of PSN Outage

 Cloud Computing is slowly showing up its Wrong side. While Cloud Computing is considered as the Next generation, in fact we even have a Chromebook on its way, the Security concerns have take a peak with this revelation. It is doubted that Amazon EC2 for breaking through into PSN. Hackerz did not have to break into Amazon servers for this, they Rented a server as a Legitimate user, providing False information.
 There is no information available on the rented service as the Hacker requested Anonymity as it handled Confidential Information. Now that PSN is back up, lets hope that Anonymous does not further attack Sony.

However this puts forth the question of Security related to Cloud Computing. As per the methods of Cloud, all information is stored in the Cloud. If Hackers could use this service to break up the PSN, then what guarantee is there that Hackerz cannot access the information stored on Clouds? Putting a thought to it, are even our Email services safe enough? Is there any guarantee that someone is not peeking at our Emails? No. Share your thoughts below.

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