10 gigapixel, 360-degree panorama of Wembley Stadium

 My E72 has a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, and I'm very happy with the Pics I take on it. My Uncle has a 13Mega Pixel camera, and the clarity of the Images astonish me. But ever hear of Giga Pixels? Well, here is a 10Giga Pixel, 360- Degree panorama of the Great Wembley Stadium. Just imagine the resolution and quality the image can provide. Its so sharp that you can point each one of the Thousands of people enjoying the Match! Here is a view of Mancini complaining!

Jeffrey Martin is behind this view. Recording was done using a DSLR mounted to a custom robot rig that would continually pump out imagery to an equally exclusive Fujitsu workstation equipped with 192GB of RAM and 24 processing cores. All that grunt was used to automatically stitch more than 1,000 high-res images together. Find this amazing spectacle here - wembley360.wembleystadium.com

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