TCS Pre-ILP Assignments- June 1[Communication]

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Warning To who ever is going to copy paste and submit the same copy as below, Answers can vary depending on thoughts. There is more than one way for a solution, please do NOT blindly Copy Paste.
Thanks to the Community - TCS ILP 2011 and Ayan Jana for providing the solutions.

1.   Identify the sounds in the following words. How many sounds can you find in each word? Try and rewrite the words using the phonetic symbols.

[Video]Real Time Speech Translation by NTT Docomo

Source :

Man Vs. Machine - Rubik's Cube

 Rubik's Cube has always fascinated me, and with some awesome videos on Youtube, Men start to look like superhumans to me. Seriously, Ive never succeeded in solving a cube, it looks like next to impossible for me to do it! And now, as usual its the turn of Humans, to build machines, who are more efficient than us. So who wins the Battle for Rubik's Cube?
Er... Still wondering what a Rubik's Cube is? Sorry! Its the Cube shown in the Picture to the right. Now how's that a challenge? Well, you'll get a better idea on watching the videos below, to give a general instruction, as you see now all the cubes on the faces are different colored, your aim is to make each face have the same color! Watch how the Machine does it below followed by the our Representative - Feliks Zemdegs, a 16-year-old Australian(He is Good!)

Vietnam Police Rules - Say NO to Sunglasses, Chatting, Smoking, Drinking, Reading!

 Vietnam Police is well known for their "widespread Police brutality", and recently Communist Vietnam has banned police from wearing black sunglasses, chatting, smoking and putting their hands in their pockets while they are on duty in public places, a media report said.
  Under a new order from the Ministry of Public Security, officers must also "keep appropriate manners and be in the right position when on duty," said the English-language website of state-controlled Tuoi Tre newspaper.
 The report, published on Saturday, also said on-duty police were now banned from reading books, making or answering non-work related phone calls, drinking alcohol or eating at restaurants that illegally encroach onto pavements.

TCS Pre-ILP Assignments[Basics of Programming]

Read my whole experience at TCS here - My life with TCS - a Walkthrough

To who ever is going to copy paste and submit the same copy as below, Answers can vary depending on thoughts. There is more than one way for a solution, please do NOT blindly Copy Paste.

Thanks to the Community - TCS ILP 2011 and Ayan Jana for providing the solutions.

Assignment 1 - Please zip and upload the files.
Question 1
a. Search for a name
 Write a program to accept an array of names and a name and check whether the name is present in the array. Return the count of occurrence. Use the following array as input
{“Dave”, “Ann”, “George”, “Sam”, “Ted”, “Gag”, “Saj”, “Agati”, “Mary”, “Sam”, “Ayan”, “Dev”, “Kity”, “Meery”, “Smith”, “Johnson”, “Bill”, “Williams”, “Jones”, “Brown”, “Davis”, “Miller”, “Wilson”, “Moore”, “Taylor, “Anderson”, “Thomas”, “Jackson”}

Program : 

Windows growth going to Negative for the First Time, Reason? - iPad!

 This is the most interesting piece of stats Ive come across Internet in a while. Apparently the Operating systems Giants - Windows is facing a setback for the first time! And its not Mac OS, or Linux that's affecting them, its the iPad! This certainly shows the trend of the future going Mobile, and also concludes many possible future Tech Generations. The iPad is powerful, but can it provide the huge junk of Functionalities provided by Microsoft Windows? Or can it ever replace a PC? Share your thoughts below! 

Nokia/Reliance 3G following the Tracks of Google Chrome?

 As a normal Internet user, what's the best you got of Chrome recently? Only one answer! Angry Birds!!! The best Game to be played online, and Chromebook's announcement would not have been done better. I bet thousands would have downloaded chrome just to play the game. Myself came to know about Angry birds from Chrome as well. So now what has this to do with Nokia/Reliance 3G? I came across an ad on TV recently, which certainly caught my eye, and I bet it would catch anyone's attention. Check the video below -
 So is Nokia Ovi/Reliance 3G following the tracks of Chrome for promotion? Thoughts please!

[Video]Mobile Graphics to the Next Level - NVIDIA's quad-core Kal-El

 How much ever we play games on Computers and Consoles, we still find the joy in playing games on you Mobile phones. While travelling, resting, or even working, playing for sometime on your phone finds pleasure in you. It can even get addictive, and put a desire in you to create a High Score. But the looks of these games were always a set down, but NVidia's Quad Core Kal-El, makes this a reality! The following Video portrays how the Gaming experience in the Mobile world change in the future. This is a Technology thats in progress, lets watch with awe, as the Future promises to be awesome!

Now its Hurt Locker's turn to sue Downloaders - IP Address of 24,583 victims available!

 Expendable made a sue spree a few months back, and now Hurt Locker is set to break the record becoming the largest Torrent law suit. It has apparently set loose the law suit on 24,583 IP Addresses who have illegally downloaded the copy of Hurt Locker via Torrents. Here is a list of the Victims as per shown on torrentfreak.comHurt Locker 1-24583 Addresses

Update Capsule - 29 May 2011

 Ive been off Internet limits for a couple of days, so could not update the blog with latest tech news and Internet Buzz. Here is a short capsule on what is Buzzing on the net, and in the world around me.

  • As if 3D reality was not enough, Disney wants you to feel as well!  Yes, Disney is coming up with a technology to make Gaming and Movies more real life like than ever. And they are doing this by making you feel whatever happens in the movie. It uses a set of brushes to create sensory illusions.


After Google enters the Music world, its Facebook's turn!

By David King
Facebook To Launch Music Service With Spotify

Facebook has partnered with Spotify on a music-streaming service that could be launched in as little as two weeks, sources close to the deal have said. The integrated service is currently going through testing, but when launched, Facebook users will see a Spotify icon appear on the left side of their newsfeed, along with the usual icons for photos and events.
Clicking on the Spotify icon will install the service on their desktop in the background, and also allow users play from Spotify’s library of millions of songs through Facebook. The service will include a function that lets Facebook users listen to music simultaneously with their friends over the social network, one of the sources said. The partnership is another indication of how Facebook is moving towards becoming a hub for media like movies and music.
It has yet to be decided if the new service will be called “Facebook Music” or “Spotify on Facebook,” but it will only be available for Facebook users in countries where Spotify has a presence, excluding the all-important United States.

Jason Allen or Amy Allen Spam Proves - Facebook is no Place for People with Good Heart

  Ive seen many updating their Status with this message -

And on seeing this Update, people think he/she has a good heart in warning his friends, and let me do the same too! STOP! Take a second thought before you copy/paste the update, because by doing so, you are helping a Spam/Hoax spread more than ever. And that's how a Spam grow, interesting right?

Sony being hacked Over and Over again, will it ever End?

 I'm wondering if in the Future a fairy tale would be popular in the Techworld, on how Anonymous destroyed Tech Giants Sony. And I bet the morale would be, Leave the Beast alone! Yes, Sony put a thorn in the hearts of Hackers by destroying the Social profile of a couple of hackers. And thus Anonymous was born, beginning from the PSN breach, which took a whole month to recover, now Sony is facing further problems in other domains.
  Sony recently reported a loss of $3.2 Billion, which would tamper the company reputations. The Japan quake followed by the Hack attacks have ripped over Sony again and again. After the recovery from the PSN breach, Sony BMG Greece was attacked, and personal details of users flying all over the internet. And now, Sony Ericsson's Canadian online store has been hacked and 2000 Customers info again out.

How Legitimate a Scam can look - National Lottery UK Scam

 How many times has your Email or Phone no. won a Luck Lottery? Mine has won Hundreds of times, and I'm happy Im not bothered about that! Spam messages have become an integral part of Your email junk nowadays. I should say my Gmail is less spammed than Yahoo(Eventhough Yahoo! boasts a lot of their Anti Spam technologies). Hope no one has taken those spam mails seriously, but something made me Notice such a message right now.
  Ive never got such Spam messages on my Mobile phone, but I got one today. I got this message today afternoon.
  BBC UK: DEAR LUCKY WINNER Congratulations!!! You have won 500,000 Pounds. Your Mobile No. was attached to Lottery No. (17)(30)(33)(34)(38)(48)Bonus Numbers (9) of draw No. 1605 in BBC NATIONAL LOTTER UK. Contact Mr.MAT BROWN on Email : Visit our web site on

Want to ask Mark Zuckerberg a Question? Here is your Chance!

 Mark Zuckerberg will be accepting queries from Facebook users on May 25, 8pm(IST). Mark will be answering questions posted by people on Facebook - please share your questions about innovation and the impact of technology on society and the economy on the Event Wall - Chat Event. This is not the first time Facebook has introduced such innovations, we have seen other celebrities popup for Live chats on Facebook.
 I'm sure people would be having a million questions against Mark Zuckerberg, and here is your best shot! This Event is being done as a part of the Closing conversation of EG8 Live. If you get some answers, please share it as a comment here!

[Video]An alarm if your Heart fails while driving - Ford makes it a reality

Teenage - The Everything I Do is Right Age

  "Why Not?""Why me?""I know!""Don't Teach me""I'm Grown Up now!""I'm no more a Kid!"
Why, Why, Why! Sounds familiar? Yeah, you are in your Teenage, and as I titled it above, its an age you Believe strongly that everything you do is Right. Well is it? I should say 95% its wrong! Did I hear a moan(For Teens)? And did I hear a Applause(For Adults)? Yeah, heard them both, as there is a popular explanation from Psychology - A Teen will never understand the thoughts of an Adult, and an Adult will never understand the thoughts of a Teen.
  But why the latter? Adults have come through Teenage, then why do they behave to teens so Rude? Probably because they've lived through it, and care for you. But there are moments that I wish people Understood me better, and realised that I was no more a Kid.

Internet Style - Be the Star in no Time

 Internet is a very unpredictable world. Certain silly facts catch up and spread like a Wildfire with millions of views, certain Hard worked research never get attention. Its all about luck, and Stefanie Gordon made it to the Fame in no time without even realising it.

  Why? Because she tweeted a few images taken from her iPhone while in a Plane. And as usual, she dozed of for 4 hours. But only when she woke up she realised the Overwhelming response of the tweet, NASA, Weather Organisations and thousands had retweeted the Image and it was conquering the Internet! Want to have a look at the image? Here you go -
 This image marks the Historical Final Launch of the Endeavour Space shuttle.

Are Popular Logo's getting Flat? - Windows, Chrome and now Orkut

 Just logged into Orkut after really long, phew! Should say the entry of Facebook has completely destroyed Orkut. It was fun once, trying to make the most number of Scraps and adding up friends. But no more, Facebook gave no chance at all for its survival. In the meantime, I noticed that Orkut has changed its Logo. Its a More flatter one, which put a thought into me. Are the Logo's being Flat the next Trend? Well lets compare a few.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 : I remember my sister saying the Windows 7 interface looks primitive the first time she used it. Yes, the Task Bar went more Flat, which I believe made it more aesthetic. I noted the difference in Logo's too.
    Left - Vista, Right - Win 7

[Video] What happens if Zuckerberg is a CIA Agent Collecting all our Information via FB?

 Julian Assange had commented Facebook as a Spy Machine, and here is a thoughtful Humor video created by The Onion. The video Quotes Zuckerberg as the "Overlord" and Director of Facebook CIA Program. It also gimmicks Farmville and several other popular features. The video has Humorously incorporated comic thoughts of how useful Facebook can be, and how Dangerous Facebook can be with Al-Qaeda using Facebook for locations to Bomb.
 When all these have been presented with Humor, it sure puts a million thoughts into each Facebook User. I mean, all the Features mentioned in there are to an extent Practical and Efficient as well! It would cut down the Expense of CIA to collect information Drastically(Seriously!).
 So is Zuckerberg the Hero or the Villain? Share your thoughts!

Its I Love You, not i luv u

 I feel a huge contradiction in these two phrases - I Love You and i luv u. Love is something eternal, and pure. It should be represented as it is. I Love You is a phrase that gives Life to many hearts, the way it sounds, the way your partner says it, the way your emotions flow when you hear it. But the way you write also matters, Love is spelled as L-O-V-E for a reason, and whatever it is, I respect it.
  i luv u, sounds a lot fake to me. It's like the Infatuations and heart breaks we see a lot in the Modern Generation. And all this starts with your Teenage, its an age when you think whatever you do is Right, and feeling you have is Eternal. It's not always true, and I admit its True at rare occasions. Teenage Love is more like a Fantasy and Infatuation, it barely has a long life. But the Heart break it brings seems Humongous to every teen, and people often stray about their Lost Love.

Mark Zuckerberg wants kids younger than 13 on Facebook!

 Recently I made a post on how Facebook affects Children, and an how a Student got suspended from School because of his reckless comments on Facebook. And I was a bit happy when Facebook Introduced PhotoDNA to fight against Child Porn, but this comment from Mark comes as a Shocker to me. Right now stats show that there are about 7.5 Million 13 Year old children on Facebook, and as if that was not enough, Mark Zuckerberg wants the 13 year Age Limit gone on Facebook.
 Mark comments " the future, software and technology will enable people to learn a lot from their fellow students..." I admit children would learn a LOT. And that LOT would include everything which Children should not know as well. With Kids below 13 coming to Facebook, they will be exposed to harsh realities of the World, and there is a high chance that those children go off track in Life.

Finally Facebook has come up with Security against Spam!

 Facebook has made a partnership with Web of Trust to lighten up the trust of Facebook users. Recently spam has been flowing everywhere in Facebook, the popular ones being 'Who Visited your Profile', 'Watch Bin Laden's Death' and 'Verify your account'. Facebook has come up with four additional security features. The Partnership with Web of Trust means that Facebook will inform you whether the posted links are bad or not. The other protections include Protection from Clickjacking and also protection from erroneous Javascripts. Facebook has also introduced a system of Login approvals. You can read the full announcement made by Facebook below and  read more about it here - Facebook Security.

Mobile Number Portability - BSNL loses 3.15 Lakh Customers

   Mobile Number Portability has been a Boon to thousands in the Country. I used a BSNL Students sim, eventhough it offered 2000 Messages a month, barely 500 of them got delivered to other networks. The call rates were the same too, with no extra additional offers to add. So I ported to Tata Docomo, and I should say its the best! Recharge with 28 Rs, and get 9000 Messages a month! The call rates can be reduced cheaply as well.
  I'm pretty sure BSNL is going to lose its customer base if they don't provide some exciting offers to their Customers. I even use BSNL Evdo for accessing Net, which has very poor performance in Cities. No wonder BSNL is losing their Customer Base. I got this stats from the Newspaper, could not find the latest stats on Internet. But I could find the stats as per Feb 2011, here is how it looks.

Saudi woman arrested after defying driving ban

 Saudi Women are not allowed to drive, and if they do? They get arrested. Manal al-Sharif, was arrested recently for promoting the Women2Drive campaign. The Women2Drive campaign announces a mass Driveaway by women on June 17. Manal al-Sharif uploaded a Video in Youtube, which has already Half a Million Views, in which she drives chatting with another Woman on explaining the importance of Women being allowed to drive.
  Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world which bars women from driving. Although no law forbids it, women are denied driving licences, effectively rendering it illegal. Instead, they must rely on hired drivers, taxis, or male relatives to drive them. Debate on the driving issue is vibrant, and Saudi women have mounted campaigns to put pressure on the government. Officials have signalled previously that the ban may be lifted, vague pledges that are never followed through.
  Religious conservatives say female drivers would inevitably result in an erosion of moral values. But Ms Sharif ridicules such opposition, saying that she is much more vulnerable alone on a street than she would be if she had her own car to drive.

[Video]Black Hole's wrath revealed by NASA's Radio Telescope


Before Rajinikanth, there was Chuck Norris

[Click to Enlarge]
 Rajinikanth is the Superstar of India. He is currently not in good health and undergoing treatment, hope he gets well soon. Coming back to the Superstar, how many Rajinikanth Jokes do you know? Don't tell me you haven't heard any if you are an Indian. Ive heard tons of them, here are a few in the Pic[Click to enlarge] These are the very few quoted ones, I get tons of them as SMS. But ever wondered how or who makes these Jokes? If your answer is a Die Hard Rajinikanth Fan with tons of Humor within him, you got it wrong. Before the Superstar Rajinikanth Jokes was born, there was a Chuck Norris era. And this Chuck Norris era is Global, unlike the Indian Superstar.
 So who is Chuck Norris?

Iceland Volcano Pictures of 2010

 The following pics are not of the recent eruption in Iceland. I was searching around for pics of the 2011 Eruption when this caught my eye. It was too good to not share! Here are a few, read the Comments on the Pictures here -

The World is Buzzing Harold Camping, Who is He?

Harold Camping, the 89-year-old retired civil
engineer,who founded Family Radio Worldwide,
an independent ministry that has broadcasted his
 prediction around the world
 Google Search and Twitter are trending Harold Camping, but who is he? To put it in a sentence, he is the Man behind the Prophecies of Judgement Day(Which for some reason never happened on May 21!). To put it on a more comic role, remember the Charlie Frost from the Movie 2012? The man who keeps shouting in the Radio till the wrath of the Earth swallows him? Exactly! Correct me if I'm wrong, I heard about Harold Camping only two days back, and this was the Personality that came to my mind.
 For the last 50 years, the deep and sonorous voice of Harold Camping has reached millions of listeners of Christian gospel radio in the United States. Quotes He is the President of Family Radio. I'm not lucky enough to hear his voice, but almost all Websites quote this sentence. It should be special, share a link if you have captured his voice.
 Again, I'd like to quote from

 "In 1970, Mr Camping published the Biblical Calendar of History, in which he dated the creation of the world to 11,013BC and the flood which Noah survived to 4990BC. His timeframe was based on the idea that the word "begat" in the Old Testament does not necessarily imply an immediate father-son relationship, but could refer to a patriarch and a distant descendent.

Another Facebook - Microsoft tie up, this time to fight child porn

 Not long ago I put up a question to Facebook regarding the number of 13 Year Olds in Facebook. And now Facebook has tied up with Microsoft with an exciting piece of Technology - PhotoDNA. This Technology is used by Bing to screen the images found on net, and now it will be used by Facebook to block Images involving Nudity and Porn, and also help in finding the Source of the Images. Facebook has come up with this positive Venture considering how massive the Community has become, and how much effect it has on Children.
 This is not the First time Microsoft and Facebook has shook hands, with an aim to conquer the Search world, Bing had introduced many features by integrating the search results with Facebook. The PhotoDNA Technology has a high rate of efficiency, says Hany Farid who has helped Microsoft on building PhotoDNA. "It has scanned over two billion images without a single false positive."

Images of Tsunami striking Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Released!

  The images of  the horrible Tsunami striking Fukushima Nuclear Reactor was released by Tokyo Electric Power Co. on May 19, 2011. These images can be viewed at, a site which seriously requires rework on the Image Widget. I'm sharing a few images here, rest can be found at

Tsunami Hits Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant In a photograph released by Tokyo Electric Power Co. on May 19, 2011, tsunami waves approach the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant near its No. 5 reactor on March 11, 2011 in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

May 21st, Judgement Day!

 Ive been hearing buzzes on May 21 on Internet, but never bothered about it. My May 21 began as usual, a late wakeup at 10am, and then a slow brush-up checking my mails. I never even have the thought of May 21 till around noon when I joined my neighbors. A 10 year old girl was saying "Wear new good dresses today, the world is going to end!" That's when the thought struck on to me. Later my Cousin quoted "Shouldve paid the Bill tomorrow, today anyways the World would end!" . I began to think the influence that such thoughts and rumors have on Children and Grown ups equally. That girl is checking upon the Clock every hour, anxious to know how the World would end. Tsunami his Brother said, "Nah, its gona be an Earthquake", then my dad added "No way, its gona be a Tsunami from the Arayi(A nearby small Lake)"
  The thought is fun, watching movies like 2012, blasts our imagination wild. Many movies have portrayed the Theme of the World End, but ever thought why May 21st was picked up as the Judgement Day? Or what you mean by Judgement Day?
  Judgement Day never means the End of the World, infact it is the Beginning of the End of Days (Not the Movie!!!). Ive quoted a few lines from

Microsoft Offers Students Free Xbox With $699 PC Purchase

 Yes, you heard it right! In what seems to be the greatest offer for students by Microsoft, they are offering an Xbox 360 4Gb Console, valued at $199, free with a purchase of a PC valued $699 or more!  Verification of student status has to be provided in-store (where a student ID is required) or online (where you need a “.edu” email address). The deal will be available at Best Buy, the Microsoft Store, and Microsoft announced the deal on its Windows Blog on May 19.
 "Students have told Microsoft that they want technology that gives their person life fun and entertainment and also allows them to manage their school work and life with ease,” a rep says. “Windows delivers that.
 Rumors are out that Microsoft is making this offer to boost up their PC sales, which had been slashed substantially by their Rival's introduction of Apple iPad2. Hopefully Microsoft can make a few sales with this offer! College and School Students - Start nagging your parents for a PC!
 And see how a Spartan Supersoldier Graduated to make this announcement! 

How to remove Blog Posts from Home Page[Advanced Blogging]

 Once you have done enough research in Blogging, next you would think of developing it into a Website. With the number of posts counting everyday, I felt the need of a completely revamped home page. The Blog posts on the Home page were never of much relevance, the Traffic flew into specific Posts via Google or Facebook, and the Home Page went Idle. So I began thinking for ideas to develop a home page, and the thought of removing the Blog Posts from home page stuck on me. I tried Googling for such results, they provided solutions by Changing the Blog Posts date into the Future and setting to show only one post. This works to an extent, but spoils the "Blog Archive". Then I began experimenting on the HTML of the Blog to make the post disappear, and surprisingly found a result! Infact I'm surprised I couldn find this solution on Google before.

Bride-to-be Attempts Suicide after Breakup : Caught on Cam!

 These photos were taken on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. A cadre of the community office grabs 22 year-old woman after she tried to kill herself by jumping out of a window of a seventh floor building in Changchun city in northeastern China's Jilin province. The bride surnamed Li cut her wrists and tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her just before the marriage

What does Real Beauty mean to you?

 I recently came across a Blog Contest, the title was What does Real Beauty mean to you? That was when the thought rigged upon me. How do you define Beauty? And I went to my Favorite place in search of the Answer - Wikipedia! Wikipedia defines Beauty as -
   Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction.
 Yes, a good shot in defining Beauty. But I believe in the saying Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. A Mother always believes her child is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. The Baby might be ugly to a third person, but its never to the parents. But another thought, even if the Baby looks ugly to a third person at first sight, after being around the baby for a while, the Baby's innocence and childishness makes the baby beautiful to a Third person as well! I can conclude one thing of this, Beauty does Not only mean Physical appearance. Its a lot more than that.

Student Suspended for posting "I wish Osama Bin Laden killed my Maths Teacher"

 Strange how Facebook can effect lives of School Children. But here, a 13 Year old girl gets suspended from her school for posting on Facebook that she wished Osama Bin Laden killed her Maths Teacher.
 Kimberly Dell'isola, the Girl's mother agrees that the comment was offensive, but says ,"She's mortified that she said that, but she's a 13-year-old kid,". She said her daughter was suspended for five days after saying she wished Osama bin Laden killed her math teacher.
  "You are denying her an education based on something she did at home. That's my business, not your business," Dell'isola said. The mother holds that the issue is a parenting one, and not school related. She said she expressed that sentiment to Principal Tom Sica. "He just said what she said was really awful. I started laughing and said I agree with you there, but how did it come to you deciding to throw her out of school," Dell'isola said. She said that while her daughter's suspension is over, she has not returned to class out of fear of facing the teacher she made the comment about.
  Who's fault is it? Is it a problem of Parenting? Or an issue of Facebook as a whole? Facebook adds these statements in its Privacy Policy -

Ever wondered how the Petrol Price sums up to Rs.67?

 I'm not sure if you all are aware, but the the actual base price of Petrol per litre is less than 50% of the Price we get. Yes, the rest are taxes imposed by State and Central Govt. Today, with the formation of a New Govt. in Kerala, the Excess Taxes has been reduced(Around Rs.1.22). This Excess Tax, is a Tax imposed on Tax. The Taxes put forth by the State Govt. only is around Rs.15. I could not get the exact split up of the taxes as per present scenario, but found this split up which was made way back in 2008.
  If the cost price of petrol per litre is Rs 58.90, following is the break up of cost calculated by the government.
  • Basic Price                             : Rs 28.93
  • Excise duty                             : Rs 14.35
  • Education Tax                        : Rs 0.43
  • Dealer commission                 : Rs 1.05
  • VAT                                      : Rs 5.5
  • Crude Oil Custom duty          : Rs 1.1
  • Petrol Custom                        : Rs 1.54
  • Transportation Charge            : Rs 6.00
  • Total price                              : Rs 58.90

Airtel provides Facebook to handsets without GPRS

 Airtel is providing a new system of accessing Facebook for handsets without GPRS. It is a completely SMS based system. Bharti Airtel partnered with Singapore-based software applications developer U2opia Mobile to launch an application for mobile phones that will allow users to access Facebook on all kind of handsets without paying data connectivity charges. Airtel customers can update their Facebook status through this USSD service free of cost whereas Re 1 per day will be applicable for accessing the full-feature application. Airtel users can dial *325# and *fbk# for non-qwerty mobile handsets to access the app.
  U2opia is using Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD) technology which is used by telecom players to send alerts to their users informing them about their balance at the end of call or for sending miss call alerts. "It is like SMS and hence, the load on the network is negligible. We have built some commands through which a user can receive alerts on activity happening on his wall as well post an update,” Sumesh Menon, co-founder and CEO, U2Opia Mobile has said.

Jayalalitha Creating huge Opportunities in IT Sector

 As Jayalalitha took oath as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Laptop Manufacturers and IT industry is looking up for a huge improvement in IT. The reason? Jayalalitha has offered a free Laptop to every student of Class XI and XII! That is huge! And the estimated budget would be around 350 Crore Rupees!
 How would this change the whole Tamil Nadu? I believe with the Arrival of a Laptop in every house, the literacy rate and the IT exposure would take a peak. Every student would be learning to use a Laptop, leading to a Next Gen society coming up in Tamil Nadu. With a Laptop at every house, we can soon see Wi-fi networks and other services trending in the streets of Chennai

Facebook now has a dislike button!Click ‘Enable Dislike Button’ to turn on the new feature!

Improving Defense Against Javascript Spam
By David King
  In recent weeks, Facebook has witnessed an increased volume of scams that involve malicious javascript, which sends spam from users accounts to their friends’ walls. In addition to the latest security updates, mainly involving Facebook's partnership with Web of Trust to deter malicious links on the site, Facebook is now educating users about how to protect their accounts when they first log on. Facebook is asking people to share the part of the help section that covers malicious script scams.
  While Facebook is trying to plug the holes in the site, which happens to be heavily reliant on javascript, the company is taking extra steps to educate users about the risks and how to identify such scripts. Some users who log in are now seeing the message below which suggests that the user shares one of Facebook’s help pages with other users.

Angry Birds at its BEST!


Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool? Google analysis

 I got this weird idea after watching a Video, which quoted the difference between India and Pakistan. It was done in a way I had not thought before, check it out.
Now let me make an Analysis on Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Jet Fuel cheaper than Petrol

 It's been only One year since I owned a bike, and the excitement seems to be dying with the ever shooting Petrol Prices. I still remember when I used to get a Litre for 50 Rs, and was happy with that. I also remember a time when it was available for around 40 Rs. But now it has shot upto Rs.67, and it never seems to come down as well. Ive seen a comic spreading before mentioning that Liquor is cheaper than petrol, but this is new, and is serious. Its cheaper to fill you Jet, than you fill your car.
  Yes, its the Truth, and its happening in India. According to Times of India - On Monday, the cost per litre of ATF in Delhi was Rs 58.8, while that of petrol was Rs 63.4. In Mumbai the gap between prices of aircraft and car fuel was wider than that of Delhi with ATF costing Rs 59.6 per litre while petrol stood at Rs 68.3 a litre. The Article on Times of India also stresses on the Point that Fuel Surcharges on the Ticket price has not come down, and this adds to the Airline Industry savings. However, this in not a point to talk at the moment.

10 gigapixel, 360-degree panorama of Wembley Stadium

 My E72 has a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, and I'm very happy with the Pics I take on it. My Uncle has a 13Mega Pixel camera, and the clarity of the Images astonish me. But ever hear of Giga Pixels? Well, here is a 10Giga Pixel, 360- Degree panorama of the Great Wembley Stadium. Just imagine the resolution and quality the image can provide. Its so sharp that you can point each one of the Thousands of people enjoying the Match! Here is a view of Mancini complaining!

Bing + Facebook = Google?

 Bing had integrated with Facebook to make a competition on Google, and they have come up with a bunch of new features. Can Bing even be close to Google in the World of Information? Does Facebook Likes decide the Page rank of a site? Well, Bing thinks so, here is a list of their newly added features.
  • Search result annotations: Bing now displays which search results your friends have liked. This is shown with annotations and small thumbnails under any link that your friends has liked.
  • Surfacing content from Likes: Your friends Likes on the particular search result will be displayed right below the Search. Bing says that this makes it easier to find the “good stuff” within core search.
  • Changes in search rankings: Facebook Likes now affect search rankings. An article that might have normally surfaced on the second or third page of search results may appear on the first page if friends have liked it.

Facebook Spam Never ends - Youtube Video Spam the Latest

   Ive got atleast 20 spam messages, which looks interesting and tempting to click. It says these - "omg vinesh why are you tagged in this vid", "omg vinesh what are you doing in this video", "WTF!! vinesh you look so stupid in this video", "YO vinesh I can't believe you're in this vid" and a few more. If you click in that Video, which looks similar to a Youtube Video, you spread it to your friends.
Keep one thing in Mind, there is no video, and you know how you look. Please stop spreading it, and make Life Spam Free. Like this Page, and Spread the word. 
And this Spam continues even after Facebook introduced a New Security System. Read about it here -

Amazon Servers the Villain of PSN Outage

 Cloud Computing is slowly showing up its Wrong side. While Cloud Computing is considered as the Next generation, in fact we even have a Chromebook on its way, the Security concerns have take a peak with this revelation. It is doubted that Amazon EC2 for breaking through into PSN. Hackerz did not have to break into Amazon servers for this, they Rented a server as a Legitimate user, providing False information.
 There is no information available on the rented service as the Hacker requested Anonymity as it handled Confidential Information. Now that PSN is back up, lets hope that Anonymous does not further attack Sony.

Google to face $500M Fine for breaking Competition laws

 Google, the King of Internet is playing Dirty to get his things done. So believes the US Justice department, and if the Investigation turns out to be True, it would be a huge setback for the King. The quote All is Fair in War and Love should be written as All is Fair in War, Love and Internet. Such is the news that is coming out these days. Recently Facebook has admitted that it went out to certain firms to cook stories against Google's security. Facebook went out without second thought on this campaign and was caught red handed. Wondering how? Facebook was dumb enough to ask a Blogger to write against Google, but the Blogger turned down this offer, and made the news Public.

Another Awesome Online Game - Canabalt

 Angry Birds launch on Chrome had been a huge success. Recently when I was browsing on Stumble, I Stumbled on this link. Found this game Well projected and easy to play. Enjoyed the moments playing it. Here I am sharing it, all credits to The game gets repetitive after playing for long(unlike Angry Birds), but still a nicely presented one!

Sony Makes an Official Statement on the Restoration

 Finally the PSN is up, and lets wait and see if Sony's tactics to get back the trust of its communities would work up. The announcement was made by Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai, that the Playstation Network is coming back online and is been restored in phases. The network was rebuilt from the ground up
We have greatly updated our data security systems,” Hirai noted in the video statement. “These changes were the result of an intensive investigation aided by some of the most respected forensic and security experts in the computer industry.” Those changes include more advanced security technology, advanced levels of encryption, additional firewalls and better early-warning systems.
Keep check on the PSN Blog to know whether the PSN is up in your neighborhood. Wishing a Good Luck to the Community! Watch the Announcement Below.

Sony Announces Compensation

Update PSN crawling back and goes online in certain parts of US. The restoration will be phased it will take time for complete restoration!

Sony PSN Networks hacked news is all over Internet. It has been about a month now, and still no update. Its known that PSN has been open to developers now. In the mean time Sony has announced a bunch of free gifts as Compensation. Here is the list -
  • 30 days of game time plus one day for each day the system is down. That's nice. 30 free days is nice.
  • DC Universe™ Online: Batman™ and Two-Face™ Inspired Masks and 30 Marks of Distinction
  • Free Realms®: Free daily items (7 to collect)
  • Clone Wars Adventures™: Count Dooku v2 Outfit
  • EverQuest®: A series of events, including Double XP, Double Rare Mob Spawns and Double Faction Gains
  • EverQuest II and EverQuest II Extended: A series of events, including Double XP, Double Guild XP, Loot Bonanza, and City Festivals

TCS Pre-ILP Unix Assignment

Read my whole experience at TCS here - My life with TCS - a Walkthrough

I know many TCS placed students who are doing their Pre ILP would have searched for this all over Internet. To an extent I feel that it was good that I could not find it online, for a reason that I could get better used to Unix. I strongly recommend each and every one of you reading this to Please try the commands atleast ONCE. Otherwise you are going to be in real trouble at TCS. These basic commands would become part of your life once you Join, and you have to get used to it. There is no excuse for anyone to not know atleast the basic concepts, and in the highly competitive field you will be Pushed down. So take a look at the following for just a hint, or a reference. Myself not sure if the answers are right, thanks a ton to Gibu for helping me out with the solutions. As always, suggestions are welcome. I have created a Group for TCS Pre ILP 2011, please do join, and be a part of Family.
Warning To who ever is going to copy paste and submit the same copy as below, Answers can vary depending on thoughts. There is more than one way for a solution, please do NOT blindly Copy Paste.

Read more about TCS here - TCS

Google I/O 2011 Recap: Angry Birds for the Web, Chromebooks, Music Beta and More

By David King
  From the reveal of Music Beta to the official introduction of the world's first commercial Chromebooks and Chrome OS, the 2011 edition of Google I/O packed plenty of punch. If you missed even a second of the continuous coverage, no worries! The best of the best is recapped below. I/O was as amazing as an Apple Keynote, and speaking of Apple, the game really is all to play for now.

Android 3.1
Google has just announced Android 3.1, and it's already started rolling out to Verizon Xoom 3G customers. It brings with it a range of improvements and refinements including:

Innocent Love

Reserved Seat Brawl takes its Peak on Internet

  With the advent of Internet, Opinions and Quarrels become Global. And such an incident happened recently in Singapore. The incident was kind of silly, a Young man did not give up his seat for a 63 Year old Jason Wang. But this Old man never stood mum, he posted this on Facebook along with the Pictures of the Young guy, and complained to his Employer - HSBC(From the Tag on the Young Man). The Debate over the incident has raged online with the thread on local forum having more than 800 comments as of Thursday afternoon.
  This is what happened, Wang said he boarded the train at Tanah Merah station at 7:35am and saw that the reserved seat was taken by a young man who looked to be sleeping. He woke Liang and asked for the seat.
The young man then asked for his age, to which Wang shot back,
"Definitely much older than you." To his surprise, Liang went back to sleep.
"'I'm not really frail-looking, but I'm overweight. That's why my knees are bad. I even had knee braces on and was using an umbrella as a crutch," admitted Wang.

Login to Facebook via Iris Scanner!

 Movies setup a trend, and reality follows it. Tons have movies have iconic moments with an Eye scanner, and it is soon to be a reality too. And this technology gets even better! You can Lock your PC using the Iris scanner, and even better - you login to Facebook, Paypal or even your mail service using this cool piece of Technology.A New York-based biometric security company is set to market an iris scanner that would connect to a personal computer the next few months. Hoyos Group unveiled their new security product, dubbed the EyeLock, at the Finovate financial technology conference, amid claims that it is the first and only portable iris-scanning device for consumers.

Petition to BAN Facebook in Pakistan

  Is Facebook being an uncontrolled menace? Well, Lahore High Court feels so, and is likely to Ban Facebook in Pakistan. Justice Azmat Saeed passed the order on a petition seeking a permanent ban on Facebook in Pakistan for holding a contest called the 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day. Justice Azmat Saeed passed the order on a petition seeking a permanent ban on Facebook in Pakistan for holding a contest called the 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day.
  He said that Facebook and similar websites should be permanently blocked for placing caricatures of the Holy Prophet and other prophets. The petitioner said that the contest, scheduled for May 20, was the evidence of international mischief against Islam.

Google to make 'bulbs and dishwashers'

  Ever expanding Google is not limiting its domain on Technology. It's now getting on to Bulbs and Dishwashers, but it wont be the Ordinary Bulbs we see everyday. Hinted with Wireless technology, Android powered tablets would be controlling these accessories. According to Google, the new range of "almost anything electrical" household devices would be launched by the end of this year, and wireless technology will help these devices to communicate with tablets, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.
 The Project named Project Tungsten was announced at a Software Developers conference at San Francisco.In a series of demonstrations using its Android operating system 'Android@home', Google showed a tablet that could turn lights on and off, send music from the Internet to a hifi and even a "near-field communications" chip that simply had to be touched on speakers to start them playing an album. Although entering the crowded "home automation" market is brave move by Google, the US-based firm highlighted 400,000 Android devices are now being activated every day.