Wish I could steer my Life

  How many times have you come across in life when you Wished, hoped, prayed, that things happened the way you wanted. Hope you could control the Steering wheel of your life, but seldom its in your hands. You can say God steers it away, don't curse him for that. Take it in a sense like your Driving teacher does, never let you steer unless you are ready, and steer the car on the right path. It might be true, the Almighty steers the path of our life, pedals the acceleration as well. It's all for the greater good, and there is no reason you should feel bad about that. He is preparing you, to be capable of choosing his own path, and being responsible for the chosen path. Till then, we keep blaming the Almighty for the fate.
  Just like we blame our parents, for something they do for our good. Human beings are very good at that, to shoulder the fault to others, being incapable of admitting one's mistakes. It is when you learn to admit your mistakes, you learn from them, to turn the wheel to the right path. But till then, you have to follow the path shown to you, that's the way it works. Evolution might be going on for a million years, every system has evolved in such a manner. You are forced to the right path, till you realise you are on the right path - be it for driving, learning, behaving, loving, swimming, growing or Living.

  Today I wish my path was not steered that way, but he has done it again. I'm hoping its for the Greater good, and I'l soon realise that it was indeed the right path. Till then, I'l keep check of the rocks in the way, find my way through as soon as possible. But whichever path I take, I know one thing, one thing that would be with my soul for every millisecond I go through. It's my life, my breath and the rhythm of my Heart Beat - It's my LOVE


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