Windows 8 screenshots leaked?

Windows 7 is looking awesome, wonder how the next version of Windows would be! And there are rumors spreading over about a leaked screenshot. So what is new? Well, nothing much revealed in those screenshots except a Ribbon user interface for Windows Explorer(Similar to the Interface found for Paint and Wordpad).

  Windows 8 is trying to expand its reign over variety of platforms. It is also expected to have the option of a fully-3D interface if you have the hardware to support it. The Ribbon Interface looks like below

 Here is a video of Windows making an official announcement on Windows 8

So what are your thoughts on Windows 8? Any crazy ideas on how interesting it should be? Share your views!


  1. whatever ,windows except xp all sucks...:P

  2. Woah! Saurabh that's a harsh comment to make! Windows 7 is way better and advanced than XP!