Wi-Fi Connectivity issues on Nokia- Solution

  Here is a detailed solution on how you can solve the Wifi connectivity issues found on certain Nokia Phones, I faced it on my E72, and have seen a few other people posting on Forums with the same issue as well. This is the agonizing error you would get when you try to access Internet via Wifi of your Laptop.

  I owned a Nokia E72 about a year ago. Was really excited to use a Wi-Fi enabled Phone. And so my first step to exploration was setting up a Wi-Fi network with my Laptop which is connected to Internet. So I began setting up an Adhoc network, which I found plenty of help on the Internet. Here is my version.

From Network And Sharing, Select Set up a New Connection or Network, then Setup a Wireless Ad-Hoc. In the next step you would be asked to enter the Name of the Network and select Security as Open. You can later create a security Key accessing the Networks Properties. And there you setup a Network.
  So I search for the Wifi network on my E72, and try to browse. After a long wait, an error pops up - Invalid Server Name. So I began to debug on where I went wrong, explored all settings. Nothing wrong, tried again and again to get the same error. Then I checked upon a few Nokia Forums, to see that many are facing the same error, and people have suggested to Update Software, reset settings etc. as the solution. None of them worked on my phone.
  I then began experimenting with the IP address settings, and found out a solution to the problem. It seems the phone has some issues when DHCP(Dynamic Host Control Protocol) is enabled, or in other words, the Phone has a problem when the Computer dynamically decides the IP of the phone. So you have to do it manually. Here is the step by step instructions to do the same.
  1. Connect to your Ad-hoc network, in my case VB

    You can find the above popup on clicking the Network Icon on the Taskbar. Now move to Network and Sharing Center by clicking 'Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. In the Network and Sharing Center, you will find your Internet Connection(In my case ZTE Wireless Terminal), and the Wifi Network. Click on the ZTE Wireless Terminal to access its Properties
    The Properties of Internet would look as below(IP address modified to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy)
  3. Now you have to change the IP addresses found on the Wifi Adhoc. On clicking on 'Wireless Network Connection' you would get the following popup.
    Click on Properties to Get another Popup Window
  4. Now select the Properties of Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) The default selection would be "Obtain an IP address automatically" change it to 'Use the following IP address and change it as follows -
    Note that yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is the value of the IP address found in you Internet Connection. yyy.yyy.yyy.110 would be the IP address of you Phone.
  5. Submit the settings and reconnect to the Wifi Network, this is all you have to do at the Computer Side. You might get issues when you try to connect external Wifi's as DHCP is disbled, in that case, just diagnose the connection. But sadly, the next time you connect to your phone, you have to do all these steps again.
  6. On the phone side, after saving the Wifi Network as an Access Point, Go to
    Menu->Ctrl. Panel->Settings->Connections->Destinations->Internet->VB(Your Wifi Network Name)->Options->Advanced Settings->IPv4 Settings.
    Again yyy.yyy.yyy being the same as mentioned in the above steps.
    Now the Wifi would be connected with Internet Access! Enjoy! Comment if you have any doubts, or contact me via Email.

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