Trivia Game - No Google to Solve!

 Any puzzle or quiz, the first thing that comes to you is Google It! This kills the whole charm of being in a game. Well Google has come forth with exactly a new system - A Google a Day provides unique trivial questions everyday, along with a search bar - optimised to NOT give you the results. Here is Google's question of the day
Certainly does'n ring any bells to me. But puzzle hunters! Here is a new challenge to YOU! Enjoy! 
Here is what Google has to say
   Just like traditional crossword puzzles, the difficulty of the questions increases over the course of the week, so by Thursday or Friday, even the most seasoned searcher may be stumped.
To prevent spoilers from appearing as you search the web, look for the answers on instead of regular—we’ve made a special version of Google that excludes real-time updates and other things that are likely to include spoilers as people post the answers to the puzzle online.
Start playing A Google a Day now—visit or look for the puzzle in tomorrow’s New York Times, just above the crossword. The clues are currently only in English, but anyone can attempt to solve the puzzles. And let us know what you think on Twitter at @agoogleaday or at

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