Sony apologises for the Outage, beefs up Security

Update: Sony Apologies for the outage, and announced a few services would be up by Next week. Also they have confirmed that no Credit Card numbers had been leaked, but for security, Sony would support reissuing customers with new Credit Cards. As a note to compensation, Sony said it would offer customers free downloads and 30 days premium membership for eligible customers.
Update: Rumors have spread that 2.2 million credit card numbers from Playstation Network will be up for sale for '$100,000 or above'. Read more below.

 Around a month I had made a post on how Anonymous threatened Sony. Since that incident, Sony haven't rested peacefully a day. Attacks followed one by one, and now the most serious one has happened. The Play Station Network which has almost 77 million user accounts have been down for about a week now, spoiling the Easter plans for many. And recently the Playstation Blog has made a shocking revelation, the Personal information have been compromised as well. Sony reported that the following details have been compromised
  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Birthdate
  • PSN/Qriocity ID
  • PSN/Qriocity password
  • PSN/Qriocity security question and answer
  • Purchase history
 This is considered as the worst outage ever, and a planned one as well. Anonymous had written a letter of threat to Sony on their misconduct towards a hacker. The battle goes now, and seems Sony is losing for the moment.
Update: Rumors have spread that 2.2 million credit card numbers from Playstation Network will be up for sale for '$100,000 or above'. It seems that the source of some of the rumors is Kevin Stevens, a senior researcher at security firm Trend Micro. He told The New York Times that he has seen discussions about the supposedly stolen database on hacker forums. Apparently hackers are claiming to have a copy of the database and are asking for a price “upwards of $100,000.”
“It is not a rumor, it was a conversation on a criminal forum. I never saw the DB so I can’t verify if it is real,” Stevens said in one of his tweets.
 Although Sony has not officially confirmed the outage of credit numbers, they haven't completely denied it as well. And there is more proof to this, recently a screenshot of the Format of PSN database have been spread in some forums as well. 
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