Software Firm requires Nude Web Coders and Its making NEWS!

 Recently I made a post on the news I found on web - Software Firm requires Nude Web Coders, and surprisingly within a couple of days I get a mail from making a comic animation on this, watch it here - Software Firm requires Nude Web Coders and they are Promoting. And now here is the next part! My blog has been tagged, with reference to my comment, along with a video with my blog. Never thought this would make up such a fuss. Scroll down to watch the news. This is what have quoted in an article -

  Nude House founder Chris Taylor says his company is the only one in the world, as far he knows, to offer naturists proper work. But at least one writer in the blogosphere just doesn’t get it.
“I totally don't understand the purpose of this, what does having clothes got to do with Coding?”

And here is the video they have created regarding this news.

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