Science proves that staring at a screen all day is bad for health

  I bet every Mother would be warning his son to switch off the computer and stop staring at the Monitor. And I also bet atleast 80% ignore this. But Science has finally proved that staring at a screen is bad for your health. Staring at computers and TVs actually is bad for kids, giving them heart problems later in life.
  Scientists observed that kids who spend many hours in front of screens have narrower arteries in the back of their eyes, and link this to future heart problems.The study looked at almost 1,500 Australian children, and the results took into account age, sex, ethnicity, iris color, length of the eyeball, BMI, birth weight and blood pressure. The children averaged 1.9 hours of screen time every day, and 36 minutes of physical activity. Every hour of time in front of a monitor equated to a retinal artery 1.53 microns narrower, and associated with a blood pressure increase of 10 mmHg.

 The measure of the micro-vessels in your retina is an indicator for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure in adulthood. So, does this revelation make you reduce time on your Laptop? Not Mine anyways! Let me know what you think.

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