Sachin Invented the Helicopter Shot

  Mumbai Indians Vs. Kochi Tuskers, Sachin played a Master's innings, but everyone had a say on the Six he lifted over the bowler. A shot, the Indian Captian M.S Dhoni is famous for, namely the 'Helicopter Shot'. A shot which prized the Cricket World Cup 2011 to India. People were surprised to see Sachin playing that shot, people quoted on 'Sachin's adaptability' on seeing that shot. Fans had fear in their heart seeing the aging Master playing a shot that require such Physical strength, but they trust the master. So a question arises, why did Sachin try Dhoni's trademark shot?
  It appears that it was not Dhoni's invention after all! Sachin played this shot way back in 2002, but not many noted it. Watch the Video below - 
What do you think? Does Sachin have to continue playing that shot which requires such Physical strain? Give your thoughts!

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