Nokia Drop

 Thanks to Anmol More for pointing me to this technology. Nokia Drop, is used to share Pictures, links or set pictures as Wallpapers from your Desktop/Laptop to your Symbian phone. Here is a clear intro on what the app does. 

All this looks like a fairy tale right? But the fact is it works flawlessly! I just tried it on my E72, eventhough Nokia Labs says its not compatible with my phone, it works! So here is what you have to do to get this app working.
  • Have a compatible phone(Ofcourse!)
  • Go to this link - and download the Extension for your browser. The extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.(Works for Rockmelttoo!)
  • Download the Ovi Notification support package given in that Page, in my case, I downloaded the "for other Symbian 1 5th ed. devices" version. Eventhough it said Incompatible during installation, you can continue with it.
  • Download the Nokia Drop app given below in that page, and install it on the phone.
*Requires Nokia OVI Suite or PC suite for installation.
 After this, you can open the app on the phone, where you will have to connect online. It can be done either through WiFi or your Data Connection. And that's it! Now on Right clicking any Image or Link, you would get the following options as well - 

Here is how I set the wallpaper of my mobile using Laptop on Rockmelt.
First I selected a Wallpaper, and right clicked on to select 'Send as wallpaper'. After doing this, you'll get this at your phone
 On just clicking Hide, you'll notice that your wallpaper has changed!
That was easy :). The screenshots were taken by the app Best Screen Snap which you can download from the Ovi Store. Your phone should be connected to the internet, in my case it was connected via Wifi, no other requirements. Enjoy the app! And share any views if you have found other interesting apps!

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