Myth Analysed - Sachin's Hundred a threat to the Team

  It's a popular and heart breaking rumor among Fans of Indian cricket. People come to the ground to see the God playing at this best, but often get disappointed in the end because it results in the Team losing. This has happened recently in the IPL T20 as well, when Sachin blasted off a century against Kochi Tuskers, but Mumbai Indians still managed to lose. It wouldve been the first time any team lost with a Century in its pocket. It happened in the World Cup 2011, and it has happened in the past too. So how does this theory come together? People say when Sachin plays, the rest of the team play poor. Why? Is this because the rest of the team enjoys watching the Master in action? Or is there any other reason? I recently came across a statistic, posted by Mazin Ismail, which really rigged up my thoughts. Here is the screenshot -
 Yes it is true, Sachin has 99 centuries in his book, and when the numbers are big, they ought to be slip ups with the team. If you look upon the ODI record, of Sachin's 48 hundreds the team has lost 13. A mere 20% slip off. And if you take the stats for his whole career, its 24%. That is the chances that the Team loses if Sachin scores a century is only 24%. Here is a rough sketch of some other players.
  • Ricky Ponting - Of 69 Centuries, the Team lose Percentage is 13%. Which would be no surprise considering the excellent run of Australian team in the past decade.
  • Jacques Kallis - Of 57 Centuries, the Team lose Percentage is again 13%. But the test record the Draw percentage is upto 45%. And in one day the Team Lose percentage is upto 26%.
  • Brian Lara - 53 centuries and 15 Team loses making it 28% chance of Team loss.
  • Rahul Dravid - 5 losses of 43 Centuries, Making it a 12% chance of team loss. But in test, again the Draw percentage rises upto 45%. And in ODI the chances of Team Loss if Dravid scores a century is upto 33%.
These are the stats of very few top notch players of the game. They are not exact, but gives you a rough idea that the Myth of Team losing if Sachin scores a century is getting popular purely because he is scoring a lot of centuries. 
Let me know your thoughts! Please do leave a comment to strengthen this article, or to weaken it.

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