Love composes the Rhythm of Heart

     The twinkle in his eyes mesmerized her again. This wasn the first time they did that. Though he didn speak anythng those eyes did it straight to her heart, she could see his heart in his eyes reflecting her. Brushing her hands through his soft hair she felt like it was all yesterday. Love is always young. Those hearts it occupy are bashed in the elixir of youth. She was one of the blessed, to be his, to share her life with this perfectly complementing soul. Its amazing how we look for one whose a perfect match to you and the one that matches perfect is the perfect opposite. Little did she know when she had met him first that this one being was going to change her world upside down. The evening sun was basking them in its glorious golden shades, he was a lil before her with his pants rolled up to his knees jumping up like a kid full of joy. The water splashed onto her salwar, though she began to shout at him, the naughty "im sorry" look on his face made her smile. He always did that. He knew how to melt her, how to turn her from a bush of thorns to a bunch of flowers.He had done that, slowly plucking away her thorns.Now she was a bunch of flowers waiting to sway to his breath. The sea breeze hugged her tightly trying to chill her, it couldn't do it. She had her love right before her covering her in his warmth. No wind could chill her, she had him.He urged her to get her foot wet, scared she was of the depth of ocean that could take her away from him. That was envying her for the love she has got. She felt like she owned the world,for her world was him. His fingers came and crossed her hands, it always surprised her how easily and perfectly they held her hands. The look in his eyes promised to protect her from every evil in this world, even the sand didn dare to hurt her feet. He slowly walked holding her hands to the sea.The foamy water flowed through their legs, she smiled at the sensations.She had discovered yet another joy of life with him. Life with him was a celebration for her. Every moment had something to give her. Slowly he unclasped his hands and turned to her, without his touch her heart got scared.He walked in front of her showing that she had nothing to be scared of, she could face the sea alone. She was a strong woman with his love, but her heart was weak.It constantly beckoned his presence. She could see the jealous sea reaching out its hands for him. Once again she woke up in the lonesome night, sweat trickling from her hair. There he was right next to her, near the lampshade in front of the sea that took him.
She was once again a Widow.
Devilish  Angel

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