Free Shipping to India by Amazon UK- Limited Offer is offering FREE Super Saver Delivery to certain countries till May 15 2011. The countries include Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa. So Indians, grab the opportunity now. The Super Saver program means you won't have to pay any shipping charges to Amazon if the total value of your order exceeds £25 for certain categories. The product categories that are eligible for free delivery currently include books, music and movies. This offer is given only by and not applicable to or any other country domains.
  Those planning to make a purchase, there are 3 steps you should take care
  • Before you add a product to your shopping cart, make sure it is marked as "Delivered FREE with Super Saver Delivery."
  • Second, remember to select Super Saver as the delivery option under checkout else you'll have to pay shipping charges.
  • Finally, if you are ordering a DVD video or movie from Amazon, make sure that it is either region free or compatible with your DVD player (NTSC or PAL).
Note that there is a chance that you will have to pay a certain percentage to custom duties. As quoted from
     "...books could be imported in India for free. The import duty on movie CDs and DVDs is ~27% (the customs officer may also ask for a censorship certificate) while for all non-movie related CDs and DVD, the rate is ~15%. If the total value of the package isn't very high, it may even get cleared without paying any taxes - depends on your luck."

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