Facebook enhances security

 The most important and critical issues of Facebook is security. And they are trying to improve it in all means possible.Facebook introduced HTTPS, since the Boss got his Facebook account hacked. However you have to activate this manually. To do so, Go to 'Account Settings' and change the 'Account Security' Option. It will look as follows

By activating this, you would get a Mail or a message in case your Account is accessed by any other Browser or Operating System. Recently, Facebook announced a bunch of updates on security. It goes like this -

  • Two Factor Authentication: This is a new feature that will be turned off by default. If you turn it on, Facebook will ask you to enter a code anytime you log in from a new device.
  • Improved HTTPS: Facebook added HTTPS support in January, which makes it harder for someone on a public WiFi network to hijack your data. Now if you start using a non-HTTPS application while in HTTPS mode, Facebook will automatically switch you back to HTTPS mode when you’re finished.
  • Expanded Social Reporting Tool: Facebook’s new social reporting tool brings community members into the mix when dealing with bullying or other violations of Facebook’s terms of service. The features allows users to send a private message to the person who posted the offensive content or — if they want to report the content to Facebook — to include trusted authority figures as contacts in the report. Previously, the feature was only included for photos and wall posts. Now it is available on profiles, pages and groups as well.
  • Family Safety Center redesign: Facebook’s safety center got a makeover that highlights the site’s safety philosophy, community, and tools and resources like account settings. As in the previous versions, resources for Parents, Teachers, Teens and Law Enforcement are also highlighted. Facebook wrote on its official blog that it also plans to add a free, downloadable guide for teachers who want to use social media in the classroom. Considering that most schools block Facebook on their computers, we’re curious to see what the guide suggests.
Make sure you are aware of all these security provisions and act accordingly! Browse safe!

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