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   I've had experience with freebie sites and Online contests and here I am hosting one finally! Have been a part of take bigg , Lockerz, won an Ipod on the competition in Ebay and been a part of lot of contests. Ever since this craze had sprung up in me, I always wanted to host such contests. The only thing that pulled me down is to offer a worthy and catching Prize for the winner.
  And here I am introducing a Blog Contest. Hold on - I don't have a prize for the winner right now! I'm in contact with some awesome firms to come up(I'm trying my best as you read!) with a Prize, that would be worth to fight for. If any Sponsors are interested - here is the advantages you will get on doing it
  • 'Like' your Facebook Fan page, thereby increasing your Fan count.
  • Asking Contestants to post on their wall regarding the contest, along with a Tag to your Facebook Page.
  • And obviously, your ad displayed on this page.
  • I have a strong Network on Facebook, as well as good traffic on my blog. And promoting with a Prize would surely result in a Wild Fire.
Let me know if there is any room for improvement. Anyone interested contact me at
  Now let's get to the contest. This contest will begin soon regardless of the Prize(Certain wins are Priceless!). So here is what I can do for the winner and participants -
  • The Leaderboard would be published on the Sidebar of my site along with the Link to your blog post.
  • Your blog post gets more exposure, and gets more appreciated!
  • As a blogger, I truly know how it feels when someone likes your post!
  • More traffic to your blog.
So here are my proposed Rules for the contest(Might change according to the requirements of the Sponsor)
  1. You need to have a blog(Simple enough!)
  2. Follow my Blog.
  3. A topic would be posted every month, and Participants are requested to write anything related to that topic on their Blog
  4. Post the Link of the particular Blog Post as a comment below
  5. A score would be calculated based on - The number of likes for the Comment(Which redirects to the blog post) + the content of the Blog.
  6. The contest resets every month, with a new topic, and a whole new leader board. 
The Score of the Post would be purely based on the content of the Post, the Template does not matter. This score would be decided by a Panel of 3 Judges, whose names would remain Anonymous.
Can this be done? I need all your support for this cause, let me know your feedback. This contest will launch soon, keep checking back!

Make sure you read everything above before commenting.
P.S - If I don't get a sponsor before the Leader board resets, the Points would be accumulated to the next month.

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