Blog Contest - May 2011

Update: I am withdrawing this contest. Thanks a TON to Sharmada, Vyshnavi Katta, Anand Raj and Animesh, the only Participants I had on the 1 month long campaign. I'm really sorry that I cannot provide you with a Prize considering the Failure of the Contest. I tried my best to promote it, got around 500 views for this post, but none had interest in the Contest. Vyshnavi Katta Wins this contest with the Highest Score, and again, I'm afraid I'l have to disappoint you Vyshnavi. Thanks for being a part of this Contest.
  And here I am introducing a Blog Contest. Yes I have got a sponsor, and you do have a Prize worth Rs.27,000($500). This is just a beginning! If any more Sponsors are interested - here is the advantages you will get on doing it
  • 'Like' your Facebook Fan page, thereby increasing your Fan count.
  • Asking Contestants to post on their wall regarding the contest, along with a Tag to your Facebook Page.
  • And obviously, your ad displayed on this page.
  • I have a strong Network on Facebook, as well as good traffic on my blog. And promoting with a Prize would surely result in a Wild Fire.
Let me know if there is any room for improvement. Anyone interested contact me at
   Now let's get to the contest. This contest has Started on May 1st, 2011 and you can post till May 31st. And as there are no Sponsors around right now, things get easy and simple for contestants. Rules change as there is a Prize to fight for.
  • Follow my blog.
  • Like this Facebook Fan Page -
  • Post the following Note on your Facebook Profile
    "I'm participating in a Blog Contest at Virteacon, you can participate too and Win SEO Solutions for your Blog worth Rs. 27,000($500) by @myseopandit" 
    Make sure the @myseopandit tags the particular page. (Only after this confirmation your Entry would be validated)
  • Write anything related to the topic of the Month - "Time and Tide wait for None" on YOUR Blog.
  • Share the Link as a comment below, and a Panel of Judges will select the best Posts!
Now, the advantages to participants? Here goes -
  • Your blog post gets more exposure, and gets more appreciated!
  • As a blogger, I truly know how it feels when someone likes your post!
  • More traffic to your blog and Mine.
  • The Winner gets a Basic SEO Plan worth Rs.27,000($500) for Free!
Make sure you read everything above before commenting, and I request every Participant to Subscribe the Comments via Mail(Found below the Comments) so that you can keep track of the progress.
Update: To make the contest engaging, the Panel of Judges will be updating the score for posts every day along with suggestions. A participant can make any number of posts he/she wishes. Try to improve on the score!
"A contest by a Blogger, for a Blogger"
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