The world has gone online, so have I. I'm opening up a page exclusively for each and every one of my batch-mates of School of Engineering, Cusat to scribble on a few words, a few words to be cherished for the rest of my life.
  This page will be open to all, you can fetch you friends contact numbers anytime you need. Make sure you include the following details -
  • Name        : 
  • Phone No  :
  • B'day        :
  • Email Id    :
  • ContactAddress    : 
  • A memory to share :
And of course add a few words, that would splurge our memories, even if read 20 years from now. Comment below!

I'l begin here
  • Name                 :  Vinesh Balan
  • Phone No           :  09496825511
  • B'day                  :  Sept. 11
  • Email Id              :
  • Address              :  "Kilikoodu", Near G.L.P. School, Lakshmi Nagar, Kanhangad -671315
  • Moment to share : Well, there are uncountable moments, but this one I would cherish forever. The night when the TCS results were announced. All of us were immense pressure for a week or so, and it just got worse on the night of results. But it turned out to be good, people had tears in their eyes. I'll never forget Chakkara running towards me with watered eyes and hugging me tight, and all others being happy. I felt proud that I had some part in the happiness, and of course the day Thasleem got into HCL too. If I go on scribbling, it'll never end, these are just the very few memorable moments.
P.S - You don't need to login, just post as anonymous(from the Dropdown options), make sure you put your name though!

  • Name                 :  NIKHIL RANJAN
  • Phone No           : 06132-262506
  • B'day                  : 27th DEC
  • Name                 :  Mazin Ismail
  • Phone No           :  04902333847, 9497284426
  • B'day                  :  23-10-1988
  • Address              : Barka, P.O Kuruchiyil, Thalassery-2, Kerala -670102
  • Name                 :  Nevin Thomas
  • Phone No           :  9746601948
  • B'day                  : March 23
  • Address              :  mtra 87, Mother teresa road, Edappally, Kochi-24
  • Moment to share :  MAGAZINE :D Even though I had heard of a certain Vinesh Balan , its during those magazine meetings that i finally met him. And yes [ abundantly seen is SR's facebook profile :P].
    The magazine was a great success but to point out a very specific moment wud be very difficult. Each and every moments spent with the magical seniors had something to relish. And yes. I got seriously jealous with the HITS he was getting for his blog. :(
  • Response -- > Thanks for being Jealous :P I used to hear a lot of Nevin in our 'Group Chats', but never knew who it was. Lately I came to know you were someone who couldn be missed in a crowd :P Nice knowing you buddy! Keep up the awesome work with Berserk!
  • Name                 :  Reebu Philip
  • Phone No           :  9496826506
  • B'day                  : May 17 1989
  • Moment to share : 1st and 2nd year roommate. Good times indeed. Especially when rumors spread that 1st year exams were postponed, we SCREAMED like crazy annoying the neighborhood :D
    Still remember's coming back home from tuitions in your cycle :) [ poor cycle got replaced by YAMAHA :D ] we would take turns to play on your computer :D
    Also jokes we made while having food from choice..!!
    Good 'ol days :)
  • Response --> Phew, you sure rigged up a lot of memories saying that Reebu! Still remember on how I got angry on you! Guess you were the lucky few to feel my anger :P Can't forget the memories with Pocket Tanks either! Rebelz rock!
  • Name                 :  K A Husna
  • Phone No           :  08089426173
  • B'day                  : July 5th (enne wish cheyyan marannalindallo..haaa :P)
  • sweet ol memories: Vineeeeesh Balan!! de first thing dat pops up is our loooooooong walks from stop to soe..:) :) thanx a million to KSRTC bus service!! our friendship begins maturrred bigg brother lyk vinesh..n de all india radio..he who has always listened to al my non stop nonsense!!with no complaints..( I must say, u r 1 of thos very very rare frnds hu hv listnd 4 a pretty long tym without telling me to shut up!) lubb u 4 dat da..:)..n yea, den he gave me so many 'first tym' first person hu never lyked it ven i called out by his name, .. de first person hu told me dat he never had any favourites( b it fud, colour, clothes..he he!! de list goes on..).. he was neutral..!! was he ever angry?? or ws he ever too excited? OMG! de man wid so much control over his emotions..!! v ver actually 2 extremes..alleda?? ;)but being wid u ws jus awsome :)..too gud!! dont wanna miss u!! ever!
    am i taking too much space?? k den, i'l stop 4 a while n take a breathe..;)
  • Response --> Keep talking as usual Huzna :) And a piece of advice, its time to Grow up! hehe :) Every moment with you was enjoyable! Still remember seeing you for the first time at Solutions, I was like who is this(too much jaada) :P Later I came to know who she was - Like the dialogue in Jab We Met - a Unique one :P. 
  • Name                 :  Atul
  • Phone No           :  9447366178
  • B'day                  : 31.10.1989
  • Moment to share : day1 orientation...still rembr meetin u as u wer d 1st person i met in cs :D...n also d kaloor to kalamasery pvt bus yathras...n rembr v celebrated d 1st strike in cusat togethr :D..
  • Response --> Yep, the first guy to get close with in CS. The first one to meet was Fazil though, he showed me Marine Drive for the first time :) It was on a strike day. Had a nice time together.
  • Name                 :  Nawal Kishore Kundan
  • Phone No           :  9037214305
  • B'day                  : 13-03-1988
  • Email Id              :
  • Moment to share : I still remembered the day when for the first time i took a view of kerala thru the windows of 6310 (patna-ernakulam exp). In my school days, I have many frns from Kerala and heard a lot from them about the God's Own Country. I was thrilled that day how nature can change itself within a few kms between Coimbatore and Palakkad.

    I will surely miss CUSAT which provided me d opportunity to live in the God's own country for 4 years ........ I will try to be in contact with all the frns who were with me in this period of joy and happinesss
  • Response --> LOL I can't forget the first time I noticed you, guess it was for a Magazine meet when you kept talking non-stop :P It was truly unbearable! Later came to know your potential, had great moments at the CSC GD as well as at KFC! Thanks for the Ice Cream- it was awesome!
  • Name                 :  Arjun K R
  • Phone No           :  9633846892
  • B'day                  : 04.11.1989
  • Moment to share :  well.. there are a lot to share..starting from orientation class.. memorable days at pulimada ..onam celebrations
    ( boast of being one of the pulis for onam celebration with other Bhagu puli and Attu puli..:P).. ever welcomed strikes...Btech arts ..non stopping konas at night before exam...
    TCS placement results ..overjoyed class tours.. specially the 'truth and truth game ' we played .. :P.. and pilgrimage to Sannidhanam ..and so on ...
  • Response --> Don't have much idea when we met, but one thing clearly will stay about you - Truth or Dare! It was the moment when I realised who you were, and I admire you for that. All the best for the future!
  • Name                 :  Manisha Sinha
  • B'day                  : 10-9-1989
  • Moment to share : well , got to know u during those magazine really felt great having u seniors around.will definitely cherish those moments..:-)
  • Response --> Never knew you were so small when we had those Group chats! Awesome job on the magazine :)
  • Name                 :  NASREENA P.A
  • B'day                  : 9-9-1989
  • Email Id              :
  • A memory to share :Note 2day's date(23rd march)...
    ds s d day i chatted wd u d 1st tym
    n writing ds aut0graph aswl....hd fun chatting wd d best 4 ur future VB :)
  • Response --> Strangely we met for the first time on the Farewell, although we had talked before. Wait a minute, you still have my LD text, don't you? :P
  • Name                 :  sunny kumar aditya
  • B'day                  : Sep 4
  • Email Id              :
  • Achievements     : Alumni of cusat
  • Response --> Can't the President make a speech here? I'm disappointed!
  • Name                 :  Sajin S Anand
  • Phone No           :  9961244936
  • B'day                  : 13.10.1988
  • Moment to share : Talkin abt moments,there are too many.. the classes the birthdays, the tours, the laughter,movies..It felt good wen dey said i got a job.
    The fact that all this is coming to an end is extremely difficult to sink in.Wish i could step back in time... some 22 goin on 18 or somethin..:(...but i guess those dayz are behind me....I got some great friends n tats wat i cherish the most...
  • Response --> Never knew you were so emotional. And lol I can't forget how we first met. I was the first one to meet you first year. When we were all fearing about ragging, one day when I was sitting alone, you came and sat near to me. We began talking and then you said you were year out and came back - bang! My heart began pounding knowing that you were a Senior!
  • Name                 :  Anmol More
  • Phone No           :  9746322170
  • B'day                  : 29-09-1988
  • Email Id              :
  • Address              : Gaya, Bihar
  • A memory to share : Really Nice Memory of getting selected along with Vinesh at Microsoft GD round, Way of conveying message and facts of yours is really nice.
    Hope to meet again at some point of time, but not as competitors :)
  • Response --> Had an awesome experience at the Microsoft GD, also on the fiery discussions regarding Placement Activities, hope you are happy with those now!
  • Name                 :  SATYA PRAKASH
  • Phone No           :  9037393724
  • Email Id              :
  • Name                 :  Vishnu Choyi 
  • Phone No           :  8891134823
  • B'day                  :  21-03-1989
  • Email Id              :
  • Address              : 45, 'Krishna', Nivya Nagar,
    Kaloor, Cochin - 682017
  • A memory to share : Meeting you during the first year classes without knowing we were distantly related. We only found out after a long time. LOL !! :D Thanks for lending me all those games too man !! n yeah, I should return them soon... :D been a long time they been with me. You are a nice guy man! Pukka guy !! Hope we will meet again from time to time. \m/
  • Response --> Yeah, relative + Game freak + Manchester United fan! How can it get better :) 
  • Name                 :  Binu PV
  • Phone No           :   9496320647
  • B'day                  :  28-05-1990
  • Email Id              :
  • Address              : Pulavelil house , Thalayolaprambu PO, kottaym.
  • A memory to share : what else, thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep thep......... and thep
  • Response --> Same here -- thep thep thep thep thep and again thep!
  • Name                 :  Nijil.Y
  • B'day                  : 26-03-1990
  • Email Id              : nijil.yAT GMAIL DOT COM
  • Moment to share : what should I say......a very respectable person with his own rules and principle - mostly goes by not hurting others in any possible manner :) ... was great having you as my colleague....
    PS : am still surprised by the fact that he gets out of the examination hall before any1 and still be one of the toppers.....he has been doing that since 1st year ;)
  • Response --> Awesome Geek man, would do any extra curriculars skipping his studies! Awesome handwriting and awesome hair style too! Just love this guy :D

From now on I'm not updating the Post, keep commenting! It looks better.

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