$6,400 High Tech Toilet

  The world has evolved, even has a toilet into a High Tech toilet. Now what sort of features would you imagine can be integrated on a Toilet? Well, here is a list of what Kohler's Numi offers you -
  • Automatic Open/Close Lid - so that you'll never have to touch the seat(With hands ofcourse)
  • Heated Seat
  • Heating elements to keep your feet warm
  • Adjustable controls for Temperature and Water Pressure.
  • Illuminated Panel for Night use
  • A deodorizing element that sucks air from the bowl through a charcoal filter
  • And a Touch Screen Remote, through which you can listen to music, flush the toilet, control the position and do a dozen interesting functions!
Phew, Wish I could use one, just to know how it works! Here is the wickedly awesome Promo Video by Kohler
What new innovative features would you like to have on it?