I couldn update my blog recently because of my hectic schedule, many things passed by, I always wished I could share those. Here I am scribbling down a few things I wanted to write, Comment if I have missed some significant points! I need to catch up too :)
  • The first thing I remember is the Gmail Bug. During a recent software update, Gmail encountered a bug that made thousand of users unable to access their mails - or have no mails in their Inbox! Now that's scary, one day you open up your inbox to check mails and all you see is a "Welcome to Gmail" mail! I had to reassure twice that it hadn effected my account. Google claims it affected only 0.02% of their users(which is still huge). Surprisingly the Backup from all servers were removed too, which made Google to recover data using information from Tapes(which apparently is 1000's of miles long!)
  • Next big thing on the world of Technology was the announcement of Ipad 2! I'm not going into much details of it, pretty sure there are thousands of better reviews available online! (Come on! Ive never even seen an Ipad yet :( )
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2 has released Service Pack 1, which is available for download
  • Internet Explorer 9 has launched officially, the new browser has put forth a good challenge to Mozilla and Chrome, it works fast and looks nice.
  • Google has finally put restriction on Search results providing "Rapidshare" and "Torrent" links. Due to huge pressure of piracy, Google will not give accurate(Or will not give any) results supporting Piracy.
  • Facebook has introduced "Press enter to post your comment" feature, making it easier to comment on Facebook with less mouse clicks
  • Help me get more news, please do comment! And yes - finally, Google adsense has approved www.virteacon.com!

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